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DPS Building Access System: Now with Proximity Card Readers

How do you make an already great building management system even better? DPS Telecom is proud to announce that it has added proxy card support to its powerful access management platform. The speed and convenience of proximity technology make it a logical choice to use in our very popular Building Access System (BAS). The added benefits of proxy readers and cards take the site security of the BAS suite to a whole new level.

Proxy reader
Proximity Card Readers enhance
security and efficiency.

Why are Proxy Keypads Good for your Site and Equipment?

Have an employee that quit and never returned their building key? Need to grant temporary access to a contractor? Worried about copies of keys being made and handed out to people who should not have access to your remote site?

Proximity readers are an exciting technology that make controlling and regulating door access easy and secure. Also known as 'proxy readers', these are fast and easy to use. You simply hold your card in front of the reader, and your code is securely and instantly transmitted from the card to the reader via a radio signal. If the system recognizes the signal as an authorized entry, it automatically releases the magnetic lock or door strike holding the door shut. You can program cards to only work between certain hours as well as disassociate cards held by people that you no longer want to have access to the building.

How many times have you had to swipe and re-swipe a magnetic stripe access card because it wouldn't 'take'? How about punching a keypad in very cold temperatures? Chances are your gloves made entering the number combo a bit difficult. With proximity cards and readers, these inconveniences are a thing of the past. Quick and easy access is as simple as waving your card within a few inches of the reader. The orientation of the card and reader is not significant. And because it utilizes multiple-bit Wiegand protocol technology, you may be able to use the same cards utilized in your corporate environment.

What a Building Access System Does to Protect your Remote Sites

For those who don't know about our Building Access System, we offer a comprehensive access management solution that features an Entry Control Unit (ECU), and the NetGuardian 832, which features an integrated Building Access Controller.

Simply put, this manages access to your remote facilities. Chances are that your remote sites are currently isolated, secured only by physical keys and locks. This means they are plagued with the problems that come with the traditional 'key/lock' solution. If a key gets lost, the cost of re-keying all of your sites is expensive and inconvenient. What happens if a technician gets to a site and doesn't have a key? How many times have temporary personnel misplaced the keys you entrusted to them? All of these issues are dealt with efficiently with a proxy reader.

With a BAS in place, you can better track your technicians by knowing when they were on site, as well as unauthorized intrusions so immediate action can be taken. You can define unique access privileges between door entry points for each user. You can rest easy knowing that only authorized personnel can access restricted doors. In the event that a technician gets to a remote site and forgets his card, an authorized NOC operator can "punch" them in, saving lots of windshield time.

Having a BAS system also helps to guard against break-ins, theft and vandalism. You will have a log of all site entries - weither permitted or not. If someone breaks in to your site, you will immediately be alerted.

Plus, the NetGuardian 832 can monitor other site equipment. Your Building Access System will interface seamlessly with the rest of your equipment at your site. Receive alarms for power outages, generator failures, temperature, humidity and more. You'll always be the first to know when something happens at one of your sites. And with detailed alarms, you'll know exactly what the problem is before you ever even get there.

T/Mon Provides Full Network Visibility and Control.

DPS currently offers a Building Access System that integrates into an existing alarm management platform. The Building Access System controls and regulates up to 16 door entry points and supports up to 1,600 users per NetGuardian remote site. Users can be granted access by day of week, time of day and location. Once the system is in place, the list of all site access, including time of day and location, is maintained and made available to you. This allows you centralized management and control of your facilities.

Proxy Reader Diagram

Integrate a Building Access Control System into your T/Mon LNX alarm master management platform. The BAS can work with T/Mon Master to give you a single centralized control of remote site access. You will have visibility of all your sites, no matter how far, all from your central office. With the BAS and the T/Mon working together, your sites will always be monitored, saving you time, money and customers. Additionally, you can support over 1,600 user assigned profiles, and the T/MON can mediate over 25 proprietary protocols. This ensures your whole system and all your existing gear in your Building Access Control System can integrate seamlessly. You will not have to replace legacy or other existing equipment.

Other features include:

  • View and control access from all of your facilities on one screen.
  • Monitor unauthorized door access attempts and intrusion alarms.
  • Remotely "buzz-in" site visitors from your central office.
  • Maintain access history logs for review after an incident.

Traditional lock and keys are a thing of the past. Get better control and visibility of your site with the Building Access System.

Have questions about the broad capabilities of the Building Access System (BAS) or the new proximity-card access?

Contact a DPS Sales Engineer at 1-800-693-0351 .