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Pick the Best Security Camera for your Remote Site

Hikvision camera
A Hikvision
security camera.

It's important to have visibility of your remote sites and your gear. Analogs, discretes, and controls give you insight on the condition of your gear remotely. But what about your physical building security? How do your know if someone has broken in? How do you know who's there?

Keypads and proximity cards provide some visibility, but they can only tell you if someone has broken in, not who broke in. If you (or the police) don't respond quickly enough, you won't be able to visually identify the suspect later. You need a way to see, record, and analyze your physical site security.

The obvious answer is to get a security camera. But how do you know which one do you choose?

Not All Security Cameras Are Created Equal.

Look for a camera manufacturer that offers different models so you can find a camera that works for your needs. Consider the conditions at your site and choose features that work with those conditions. Do you need a camera that is stationary, or one that pans and/or zooms? Are you going to be recording only in lit areas, or do you need the camera to be night-vision capable? Getting the features that you need and none of the ones you don't will make your security camera effective AND cost-effective.

Integrated System
Integrate your Hikvision camera into your current DPS network for a complete site monitoring solution.

Hikvision cameras, for example, offer many different features and options. You can generally find a camera that fits your exact specs. Pan, tilt, zoom, color, and night vision are just some of the options to choose from.

Monitor Site Access Like Never Before

You'll be able to monitor who has access to your site and maintain a recorded history log of everyone who enters. Plus, you can use the camera to assist new techs in the site as they work on racks. You'll visually be able to see if they are working on the right equipment.

Not sure if your tech will be able to access the site due to weather? With the Hikvision camera, you can visually check the weather conditions of each site before you dispatch your tech.

Plus, these cameras integrate seamlessly with your DPS RTUs and master station. You can view the Hikvision video management software (iVMS) seamlessly from within your DPS RTU web browser interface. This allows you to review security footage as you're checking alarm status. All your remote site vitals will be in one easy-to-use place. With the Hikvision camera integrated into your monitoring system, you'll have complete site visibility of not only your gear but your physical building as well.

Add an extra layer of security by monitoring the camera itself with your DPS RTU to guard against tampering. You'll be alerted the second someone cuts power to your camera, unplugs it, or otherwise tampers with it. This gives you plenty of time to alert law enforcement or your security team.

Don't leave your site vulnerable because you can't see what's happening. Get complete site visibility with Hivision and DPS gear.

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