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The Building Access 32: A New High Density Option that Monitors up to 32 Doors

Are you struggling to control access to your sites?

Physical keys are easy to copy, and you have to change the locks every time there's a change in personnel or a lost key. They also can't provide targeted access either - someone with a key can always get in, whether you want them there at 3:00 AM or not. Physical keys are antiquated, expensive, and tough to control.

Maybe you've tried an electronic access system in the past, but a standalone system is an awful waste of money and manpower. Wouldn't it be great if you could tie building access into your existing network monitoring infrastructure?

Lose those Keys, Protect your Monitoring Infrastructure: The Building Access System

The DPS Building Access System is electronic access control that leverages your existing network monitoring infrastructure. It works with proxy readers, keypads, and intelligent door locks, making electronic door control simple. The Building Access System integrates with NetGuardian RTUs and the T/Mon Master Station, so you can monitor and control your doors using the same interface you use for network monitoring.

A New High-Density Option: The Building Access 32

While the Building Access System delivered high value to our client base, we did hear from some people that they needed a higher-density solution. At sites like office buildings with lots of doors and not much equipment to monitor, it didn't make sense to deploy full-scale RTUs.

The Building Access 32 is a new LAN-based box that we built to solve this problem. It supports electronic access for up to 32 doors without any external boxes (ECUs) or NetGuardian RTUs, so you can monitor even the densest sites without breaking your budget. A single T/Mon master can handle hundreds of BAC 32 units, allowing you to monitor hundreds and hundreds of doors, so you can secure even a very large facility.

The Building Access 32 also has a brand-new web interface, so you can be in control of your site from wherever you are.

The Building Access 32 Controls Doors without Extra Equipment
High Density Office Door Access

To learn more about the Building Access 32, call DPS Telecom at 1-800-622-3314 today. A sales engineer will help you to plan your building access control project. If you have further questions about the Building Access 32, see the product page or leave a message for Mac Smith below.

If you're looking for a building access controller with RTU functionality, so you can monitor both telecommunications equipment and control doors at your sites, you should take a look at our NetGuardian 832A RTU instead.

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