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CT Communications Prepares For T/Mon Deployment at Factory Training

CT Communications is an independent telephone company located in Urbana, Ohio, centered between Columbus and Dayton. Throughout their history, they have continually worked to deliver top-quality products and services. Because they are an independent company not associated with fly-by-night fronts or mega multi-state conglomerations, they have always been able to be a step ahead, bringing their clients the latest innovations and, of course, the very best service possible.

Glenn Greg
Glenn Greg
CT Communications Technician

CT Communications Seeks Advanced Monitoring to Keep Ahead of the Competition
Glenn Gregg is a Central Office Technician with CT Communications. In order to keep CT ahead of the competition, Gregg needed to upgrade their network alarm monitoring. After retiring DMS equipment and replacing it with a softswitch, CT was left with an outdated monitoring solution. To find an advanced system to meet their monitoring needs, Gregg contacted DPS Telecom.

Gregg worked with the DPS sales department to find a solution to bring in alarms from CT's softswitch and other network devices. The goal was to provide visibility where existing equipment could not.

After weighing their options, CT deployed a T/Mon SLIM master and a fleet of NetGuardian RTUs. With this modern system, CT would be able to maintain their network uptime, as well as their commitment to superior client service.

T/Mon SLIM Deployed at Center of CT Communication's Operations
Prior to the deployment of CT's DPS monitoring system, Gregg traveled to DPS Headquarters in Fresno, California to attend a regularly scheduled Factory Training event. By attending training, Gregg hoped to learn more about the T/Mon SLIM that would soon be deployed at his center of operations.

"At all my other training sessions, I've been nothing but a number. I'd never been to an environment that was so welcoming."

Gregg found DPS Factory Training to be a very valuable experience. "The class was super," he said. "It was very informative and left nothing untouched." At Factory Training, Gregg was able to learn about monitoring topics of interest to him and his company. "I'm very glad that I had that day on ASCII in class," Gregg said. "That helped a great deal with our monitoring."

Personal Touches Add to Factory Training
Something that surprised Gregg was the level of personable service offered at DPS training. "I'd never been to an environment that was so welcoming," he said. "At all my other training sessions, I've been nothing but a number. There's no personal touch at other places." Gregg also enjoyed the tour of the DPS facility. "It was amazing to see the tour and everything that goes on," said Gregg. "Combined with the hands-on training, you can't beat the class!"

The training also provided an excellent preparation for Gregg to deploy his new monitoring system at CT's central office. "I was pleased with what I saw and was exposed to at training," said Gregg.

Training Prepares Client for Successful System Deployment
Combined with the help of DPS tech support and a site preparation worksheet, the training helped Gregg during the deployment of the new T/Mon system. "I took what I learned back to my company for the install," he said. "It all came together once I got back. I hope we can send our other employees for Factory Training."

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