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T/Mon GFX - Now with MapPoint® and Enhanced History Reporting

Map Point

T/Mon GFX is now even more powerful with dynamic maps from Microsoft MapPoint. Now, you can use dynamic maps directly from the MapPoint database, while still adding your own icons and alarm points. The new version also allows users to view all standing T/Mon alarms, including those that have not been assigned an icon within T/Mon GFX. With improved reporting capabilities, users can continue monitoring while producing historical alarm reports.

Dynamic Maps Keep Your Alarm Monitoring Up-To-Date
With dynamic map backgrounds, it's now quick and easy to add new regions to your monitored network territory. Simply zoom into a new section of the map and start adding alarm icons. Static image background remain available, so you can still drill down to site floor plans and equipment rack photos.

Microsoft MapPoint also enables you to zoom out to view your entire network your or drill down to see fine levels of detail. This scalability works directly with the T/Mon GFX "Level Up" and "Level Down" controls, enabling you to view your network at the zoom level best suited for your current monitoring tasks.

New "View All Alarms" Button Gives You a Complete Network Summary
In previous generations of the graphical user interface, T/Mon Users were able to view all standing alarm points that had been entered into the T/Mon GFX alarm point database. The new T/Mon GFX allows users to view all standing T/Mon alarms they have security access to, whether or not those alarms have been assigned an icon within the program. On the main menu, simply click the "View All Alarms" button to generate a list of all standing alarms across the network.

Add New Icons Directly to Maps - or by Using GIS data
T/Mon GFX gives you two convenient options for adding alarm icons to your maps. First, you may place an icon directly onto your map. This is handy when a site is located at an easily identifiable location, such as an intersection. Second, you can view the latitude and longitude of a created alarm point, allowing you to position it when there are no landmarks nearby.

Advanced Report Functions Allow You to Run Reports Directly From Monitor Mode
The new T/Mon GFX allows you to run nine different types of history reports. These reports are especially useful for tracking trends and determining problem areas within your network. While previous generations of the graphical user interface did not allow reports to be run in Monitor Mode, T/Mon GFX can now generate reports without disturbing your monitoring.

The nine T/Mon GFX reports include:

  • Standard History
  • Export History
  • Outage Summary
  • Duration History (Time)
  • Duration Summary (Time)
  • Export Analogs
  • Duration History (Incident)
  • Duration Summary (Incident)
  • Duration Detail (Incident)

T/Mon GFX is Now Included with the T/Mon Monitoring Platform
With so many important monitoring features integrated directly into the graphical user interface, DPS Telecom now includes T/Mon GFX as part of the powerful T/Mon platform. Since July 2007, all new T/Mon workstations have been quoted to include T/Mon GFX. This enables new T/Mon users to monitor using the most advanced interface offered to date by DPS Telecom. By including two seats of the graphical user interface, DPS enables clients to give multiple staff members simultaneous access.

All T/Mon Gold Plan Users Will Receive Complimentary T/Mon GFX Upgrades
T/Mon Gold Plan Users receive all major software updates free of charge, allowing them to utilize the most advanced monitoring functionality offered by DPS Telecom. In addition to all major software updates, Gold Plan Users also receive free Factory Training, priority tech support, and more.

The T/Mon Gold Plan provides an upgrade to two seats of T/Mon GFX. For Gold Plan owners who have purchased more than two seats of T/GrafX, the previous generation graphical user interface, all of their seats will be upgraded to T/Mon GFX.

The New T/Mon GFX Includes these Key Benefits:

  • Visual alarm representation on dynamic maps.
    GFX enhances network visibility by providing a bird's eye view of your entire alarm network. Alarm icons are displayed on easy-to-build dynamic maps.
  • Ability to View Your Network From Multiple Levels Simultaneously.
    Your operators can drill down to the device level to view specific alarm information, all while maintaining full network awareness.
  • Alarm Icons on Floor Plans and Rack Photos -
    Like its predecessor, T/Mon GFX includes the ability to add floor plans and equipment rack photos as backgrounds, allowing your technicians to see the exact location of network threats.
  • Control familiarity for Windows users
    The T/Mon GUI user experience is more intuitive than ever before .
  • Boosted application performance
    GFX keeps pace with the ultra-fast T/Mon NOC .
  • Direct hosting of alarm database on T/Mon
    Automatic synchronization ensures that multiple GFX workstations always have the latest maps and alarm database .
  • Two seats standard, with the ability to add many more
    To ensure that you always have enough visibility, T/Mon GFX includes two operator seats standard, and more seats are available.
  • Windows compatibility combined with T/Mon's core monitoring
    GFX combines the familiarity of Windows with the reliability of the powerful T/Mon platform .
  • Enhanced security -
    Security privileges are now enforced against T/Mon User ID's, greatly reducing the potential for unauthorized access .

Get Your Copy of T/Mon GFX with MapPoint Today
The new T/Mon GFX with MapPoint is now available from DPS Telecom. If you are ready to harness the advanced features of Microsoft MapPoint within your network, contact your DPS Sales Representative today.

MapPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
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