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How to have SNMP, Modbus, and Closures trigger email/SMS alerts...

Remote sites are packed with lots of different equipment. Backup generators, HVAC systems, and power systems are all essential to your network uptime, but the mixture of gear creates a monitoring headache. How do you maintain uptime and monitor different equipment with different outputs and protocols?

T/Mon network diagram
T/Mon can manage devices either directly (ex. SNMP, Modbus, and other protocols), or through the use of RTUs (ex. contact closures). T/Mon alarms can be monitored from the web browser interface. Alerts can also be sent to phones, emails, or another master.

You could use a LAN-based console without RTUs or phone/email alerts to monitor everything, but that can be limiting. If you have both legacy gear that only outputs contact closures, you might not be able to monitor everything. Additionally, if your NOC isn't 7x24, you run the risk of missing critical alarms after hours if you don't have phone/email notifications.

The best solution is a master station with voice and email capabilities. When purchasing a master, be sure to consider the following things:

  • What protocols can the Master accept?
  • How many devices can it manage?
  • Does the master station have voice and email notification options?
  • Does the manufacturer of the device offer support and/or training?

Questions like these are important and guarantee that you'll purchase a master that works for all your equipment.

The T/Mon Master Station, manufactured by DPS Telecom, is one master that can integrate with almost any remote network equipment.

The T/Mon Master Station
  • Multi-protocol compatibility:
    To continue using functioning legacy gear in the era of modern protocols, T/Mon can mediate over 30 proprietary and legacy protocols. After accepting a legacy alarm input, T/Mon can display it on screen or forward it as a modern protocol to a higher-level master.
  • Flexible capacity:
    Whether you're a small rural telco or a massive multi-national corporation, you can choose a T/Mon plaform that's scaled for your needs. You can also choose software modules based on the protocols you use in your network.
  • Flexible notifications:
    T/Mon allows you to choose on-screen display, email alerts, and/or phone alerts when new alarms come in. You can also allow alarm type and severity to determine the notification type (more important alarms demand a more disruptive alert, while less important alarms can wait until the next business day).
  • Security:
    Aside from notifications, T/Mon can also push alarms to other masters. By using SNMP v3 encryption, your alarms are secured against unauthorized viewing. The T/Mon's multi-NIC feature also can enhance security, as you can monitor multiple networks without bridging traffic between them.

If you're looking for a flexible, reliable, master station, give DPS a call at 1-559-454-1600 to get a FREE T/Mon price quote today.