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Economical LAN Connection to Your Serial Devices

Economical LAN Connection to Your Serial Devices
IAM-5 NetGuardian 832A

Connect Multiple Concurrent Users to Serial Devices

The NetGuardian 832A can act as a self-contained, LAN-based terminal server for up to eight serial devices. All data transport, including serial reach-through connections, on the NetGuardian is via LAN (primary data path) or dial-up connection (secondary data path).

This eliminates the need for dedicated circuits and their recurring monthly costs. LAN-based transport is:

  • Simpler and more cost-effective than a dedicated line
  • Uses existing transport infrastructure
  • Eliminates installation costs and recurring monthly costs
  • Allows multiple users to concurrently access remote-site serial devices
  • Alternate path monitoring access

The NetGuardian's terminal server functions are physically supported by eight serial ports, each of which can be configured to serve as a craft port, a channel port, a TCP reach through port or a UDP reach-through port.

Each serial port on the NetGuardian can be accessed separately and concurrently by multiple users over LAN.

Plus Versatile, Expandable Alarm Collection in the Same Unit

The NetGuardian 832A simultaneously serves as a comprehensive LAN-based remote telemetry unit for all alarm collection and remote site management functions.

With 32 discrete alarm inputs, 32 ping alarms, 8 analog alarms and 8 controls, the NetGuardian can simultaneously monitor equipment failures, IP device offlines and failures, and environmental conditions, and control remote site equipment.