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Monitoring for Any Size Site

Monitoring for Any Size Site

Find the Perfect Fit RTU for Your Network

No matter what size site you need to monitor, you can find a remote that will provide complete and cost-effective coverage. Easy expansion options let you add more monitoring capacity as your network grows.

You can monitor your remote sites more effectively by choosing remotes of the right capacity for the size of the site. For smaller sites, choosing a light-capacity remote will save you the expense of buying more than you need. For larger sites, you need to be sure that you have enough capacity to cover all of your equipment.

To choose the correct alarm monitoring capacity for your needs, review each type of remote site in the network and determine your total number of:

  • Discrete alarms (also called contact closures or digital inputs
  • Analog values or sensors, such as temperature, humidity, current draw, etc.
  • Devices you will need to operate remotely with control relays.

DPS Telecom can help you determine your total monitoring needs. Based on our experience creating thousands of monitoring applications for real-world remote sites, our application engineers will develop a comprehensive solution for your network using our detailed, step-by-step site survey. If you want help determining your site needs, please give us a call at 1-800-693-0351.

These remotes will provide network visibility for any site, large or small

Small: The NetDog 82 IP is the ideal solution for small sites where rack space is a premium. Compact enough to mount on a wall or fit on a tabletop, the NetDog has 8 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, and 2 controls.

Medium: The RAB 176N, with 176 discrete alarms and 4 controls, provides exceptional coverage for small sites with many alarm points.

Medium-to-Large: The KDA 864 provides greater capacity for larger sites, with 64 discrete alarms, 8 controls, and 8 serial ports. If more equipment is added to the site, up to three satellite KDAs can be added to the KDA base unit, providing coverage for a total of 192 discrete alarms, 24 controls, and 24 serial ports.

Large: To get the most coverage of one site, use the easily-expanded NetGuardian 832A. The base NetGuardian provides 32 discrete alarms, 8 analog alarms, 8 ping alarms, 8 controls, and 8 serial ports. The NetGuardian can be augmented with up to 3 NetGuardian Expansion units. Each NetGuardian Expansion adds 48 more discrete alarm inputs, for configurations of 80, 128, and 176 discrete alarm inputs.

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