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Pathnet Distributes Alarm Data to Its Collocation Tenants with the IADS

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Pathnet is a wholesale telecommunications service provider that delivers broadband access and transport solutions to underserved markets nationwide over a wholly convergent network. Pathnet provides service to classic telecommunications carriers, as well as to emerging carriers such as Internet service providers and competitive local exchange carriers, giving them the ability to improve their profitability in today's environment via capital-free, low-risk market expansion. Pathnet currently has 7,700 route miles of completed network and 3,400 additional route miles of network under construction or swap commitment.

Lee Wells
Pathnet: Pathnet's Senior Timing & Telemetry Engineer, Lee Wells

Lee Wells, Senior Timing & Telemetry Engineer, discusses how Pathnet met the challenge of distributing alarms to their various tenants. "The problem was that we had different companies that co-located with us. We would lease space to them out of our facility and part of that package included visibility to the different environmental and housekeeping alarms produced within that site," explains Wells, "There wasn't a solution that could handle that type of function with any efficiency at all."

Through expert sales consultants, innovative designs and a dedicated engineering staff, DPS Telecom provided Pathnet the solution they needed by creating the IADS (Intelligent Alarm Distribution Shelf).

The IADS provides Pathnet the ability to take an originating alarm point from their cage and send it to their NOC as well as the different co-located customers. In addition, DPS added a new fuse module that periodically performs a self-diagnosis on the IADS shelf. If for any reason the shelf fails, a relay will trigger an alarm indicating a shelf failure. This solution offers Pathnet the assurance that alarm data from the IADS is reliable.

Commenting on DPS' ability to build custom solutions, Wells says, "You are really good at listening to the customer's needs and incorporating them into the product you have been able to do anything we have asked. You built it on the spot and had it ready for us when we asked you to."

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