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When it comes to your network alarm monitoring, purchasing from the used-car-salesman type just won't cut it. We all know the type - the pushy, fast-talking, slick guy that doesn't actually have a connection to the product, other than the prompt he's reading from. What you need is an expert, someone who knows the products inside and out.

That's why DPS Telecom is a company of network engineers - not clueless sales reps. With over 50 years of shared technical experience, our telecom sales reps can help you with just about any project or question.

DPS Sales Reps are Knowledgeable and Experienced

When you call our sales department, you get a knowledgeable rep with years of experience and who started in the engineering team or at the tech support department. They've helped to build the equipment you know and love.

Do you have a monitoring question or need to get started on a project? Call 1-559-454-1600 to talk to one of our telecom sales engineers.

With a technical background, they have the knowledge necessary to help you design your perfect network monitoring solution

DPS promotes from within, giving sales reps the experience and tech knowledge necessary to help you make an informed decision. They will never try to sell you something you don't need but have the experience to suggest something you may not have thought about.

Usually, our clients' needs are able to be met with an existing DPS monitoring product. However, if our existing products don't perfectly meet all your requirements, then the sales team will work with the engineering department to create a brand new solution that will meet all your exact needs.

Treat us as your own personal engineering department.

Network Monitoring Partners for Your Long Term Success

DPS isn't looking for the "quick" or "easy" sale. Instead, we pride ourselves on being network monitoring partners, helping you to be successful over the long term.

DPS Telecom's sales team is committed to total client satisfaction to help you get the best possible monitoring to protect your network. Based on their experience of creating thousands of monitoring applications for real-world remote sites, our sales reps work with you to develop a comprehensive solution for your network.

Starting from our pre-sale custom consultation, our sales reps look for the pain points you have right now. They want to know what are you currently working with, and why it is not working for you. The main objective is to learn your current solution's shortcomings and pitfalls.

Then, through an extensive site survey, the sales reps will work to understand your network - what equipment you monitor at the moment, what alarm equipment you currently have, and what protocols and interfaces you are using.

Also, they look at where you want or need to be in the future (five, ten, or even fifteen years down the road). DPS sales reps want to find out what a perfect long-term monitoring system would look like for your unique network. Instead of trying to provide you with something you'll have to re-do two years from now, we focus on your future success.

Our goal is to provide a customized alarm monitoring application that will be a link between your current state and future objectives. That is our perfect-fit solution.

Contact our Application Engineers today to find out how to improve your network reliability.

  • United States (USA) & International Sales: 1-800-693-0351 or 559-454-1600
  • Email: sales@dpstele.com