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The Right SNMP Modbus Protocol Converter

Modbus is an open protocol, meaning it does not belong to one company and can be used by any company. It was developed in 1979 for use with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices, and is now widely used for connecting many types of industrial electronic devices connected on different types of networks.

Modbus is used extensively for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Modbus is an open-source protocol, meaning that it can be included in a wide range of device types from any equipment vendor.
  • Modbus utilizes a simple message structure, making it very easy to deploy. Modbus might require just a matter of days to implement. This is a vast improvement over the months of work that might be required to learn and deploy other protocols.
  • Modbus moves raw words and bits, and it has very few restrictions.

Modbus is described as using a Master/Slave model. This merely means that there is typically one master unit that sends commands and receives data from one or more "slave" units. The slave units are typically at remote sites and report COS to the master, which is at the central office. This allows for visibility of many sites without sending a tech to each site daily.

An advanced Modbus master can be used for more than simply communicating with Modbus slave devices. When seeking a master for your Modbus network and other devices, you should look for a master than can bring your Modbus alarms and notifications from your other protocol devices into one master screen. This will help you monitor your network as efficiently as possible, eliminating the need for multiple operators and workstations to accomplish your network alarm monitoring.

Modbus Protocol Converter (MPC) complements a Modbus Gateway.

A MPC, such as an advanced modbus master, is a device that converts Modbus communications into other protocols, such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In doing so, the MPC translates the data into a form that can be read by another protocol manager. This device performs functions similar to a Modbus gateway.

MPC Allows Use of Existing System Master.
Deploying a MPC at a network site will allow you to transfer your communications to the system master you are already familiar with. Because your Modbus alarms will be converted into another protocol, the master can treat Modbus alarms as any other alarm along a network.

Get Rid of the Need for Extra Operators with a MPC.
Using a Modbus protocol converter eliminates the need for a separate Modbus workstation or system operator. By converting your Modbus alarms to SNMP, you will be able to use your SNMP master as the master for your entire network of devices. All of your alarms come into a single browser screen. You will be able to use a single system operator to respond to alarms and dispatch techs.

The DPS T/Mon SLIM can be used as an advanced Modbus protocol converter. By installing the Modbus software module onto the SLIM, you will be able to view your Modbus alarms using your SNMP manager.

T/Mon SLIM is a Powerful MPC.
The T/MON SLIM is small, powerful SNMP Modbus master. With its compact size, T/Mon SLIM requires only one unit of space on your gear rack. While being scaled for maximizing your rack space, T/Mon SLIM is still able to provide the capacity you need to covert alarms from several Modbus devices. Additionally, it is compatible with other protocols as well. You can monitor and mediate all your mission-critical gear with just one master. If you are looking to mediate your Modbus to SNMP or other protocol within your network, you need an advanced MPC. With the T/Mon SLIM, you can convert your Modbus alarms to SNMP, ASCII, and several other protocols. Other benefits of the T/MON SLIM include monitoring switches and other equipment, monitoring up to 10,000 alarm points, receiving alarm notifications via SMS message, email and page, alarm history logs, nuisance alarm filtering and more.

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