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Quick Tech Support FAQ's

Q: My KDA answers inbound calls correctly, but doesn't appear to dial out. How can I confirm that my alarms will show up as expected?
A: Make sure there is a 1 in front of the KDA's outbound dial string write to the unit after making any changes. Q: Why am I being asked to re-enter my login information when attempting to access certain windows in the web-browser on the T/Mon?
A: This is a provision for your network security. Under your personal T/Mon settings, you may have activated an auto log-off, which will cause T/Mon to time-out after a given period of inactivity. You may also be asked to re-enter your login information because T/Mon has restarted.

  1. Check the COS to see if there is an "auto-restart occurred" alarm.
  2. Press Ctrl-F6 from Monitor Mode to verify the uptime.
Q: Q: My ASCII processor is receiving 2 alarms from the same site, however the alarm details display different site names. How can I ensure these alarm points match up in the T/Mon database?
A: First, make sure that the port on your TLink Modem port is set to record activity. Then check your ASCII report log to see if the site names share the same syntax structure. Make sure your Rules call out the site name in the Action string. Delete your standing list as well. Q: I am having a problem with my T/Mon SLIM and the analog voltages that it measures. I have 7 NetGuardians and I read the values remotely. As a result, the NetGuardian decides what the alarm value is versus the T/Mon. How can I resolve this issue?
A: First, go into NetGuardian Web-browser and view your analog values that are being sent to the T/Mon. You can view these values in monitor mode of T/Mon by pressing Shift+F6 and then F6 for analogs. The next step is to import your alarms into excel. Once you import your SNMP alarms, you need to do a separate export so as not to mess up any information when sorting the columns. Q: My NetGuardian is scrolling V3.1l.0132 and I cannot tell what is in alarm. Also, the data port lights are blinking red/green and I am unsure what has happened. How can I determine what I need to do to correct the problem?
A: The V3.11.0132 is the firmware version scrolling across the screen. The data ports should be blinking to let you know that the NGD DX's and the GLD are both working properly. In order to find out the details of the issue, you need to go to monitor mode of the NGD. Q: How do I dialup back up from NGD to T/Mon?
A: Make sure that the NetGuardian notification device is set up as T/Mon with a phone number and the site address in the "pin/rcpt/port field." Also, make sure that the Site Address and the port match the settings of your T/Mon. Q: My T/Mon does not appear to be conneced to the AlphaMax. How do I properly establish a connection?
A: Add ",,,,,11#,69#" after the phone number to dial in T/Mon. Also, check your phone line and make sure it is plugged into the correct modem. Q: What are the fields in Point Group and how do you database them?
A: The description field is where you enter in your description for the group (critical alarms, major alarm or minor). The alarm field is what the NetGuardian will place in the trap instead of the word "alarm." The clear field is what the NetGuardian will place in the trap instead of the word "clear." Q: How do you turn Event Polling on for NetGuardian within the T/Mon NOC?
  1. Exit Monitor Mode to reach the Master Menu
  2. Select "Files"
  3. Select LAN-based remotes
  4. Select the NetGuardian for which you want to enable Event Polling
  5. Press 'F1' for devices
  6. Enter the firmware version of your NetGuardian in the "Version" field.