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Perfect-Fit Alarm Monitoring Solutions

Avoidance of Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fees

  • No one likes to deal with NRE fees
    We know that NRE's can be distasteful, difficult to manage, and can be difficult to get approved.
  • A small minimum order eliminates NREs
    That's why we take the risk and unnecessary expenditures out of the unit sales. There is a minimum order requirement, but all of the dollars associated with it apply to what will become your revenue-generating product instead of development expenses.

Perfect Fit Solutions

  • Our custom solutions solve unique problems
    Our focus is on client care. If you have unique problems, we can and will build custom solutions to meet those needs. Our full product line covers 90% of what most people need for alarm detection and management. However, DPS specializes in developing that final 10%. Integrating multiple functions into one unified device reduces your costs.
  • Using a one-stop Shop saves you time and money
    Our custom hardware and software development is designed to give you a single point of contact for supply and support. When it comes to Network Alarm Management, DPS is your one-stop shop.

At DPS, our Engineering Department has made a science out of custom engineering. We finish projects in a matter of weeks or months, not years. As a DPS client, you have access to this tremendous resource. In fact, there's usually no fee for custom engineering if you order 11 units or more. Take this opportunity to watch our video on custom engineering, then tell me what kind of product you need most using this form