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UnoTelos Brings Alarm Monitoring Foresight to Nigeria

Jude Egbokwu, UnoTelos CEO
Jude Egbokwu
UnoTelos CEO

UnoTelos is a solutions provider and assistance integration company based in Nigeria. Having a background in telecommunications and IT, with a key focus on the energy and telecom sectors, UnoTelos aids in maintaining Nigeria's networks along with its partners. UnoTelos provides its clients with key insight into the country's telecommunication infrastructures.

Having well over 30 years of combined experience in the energy and telecommunication sectors, UnoTelos has first hand know-how when dealing with large private networks, spanning over a wide terrain. "These facilities, the infrastructures have to be monitored and protected," says Jude Egbokwu, UnoTelos CEO. UnoTelos understands the need for alarm monitoring of mission critical network equipment.

Telecommunications technology is constantly changing and UnoTelos makes it a point to stay current by attending seminars, tradeshows and other educational events. At a recent DPS Factory Training event, UnoTelos had the opportunity to learn even more about the latest in network alarm monitoring and advanced strategies in developing and deploying monitoring solutions.

Communications satellite dishes
Communications satellite dishes

Nigeria Deregulation grows Telecommunications Sector

With the deregulation of Nigeria's telecommunication sector in 2001, the Nigerian telecom markets have been growing rapidly. Since then, Nigeria has gone from a half million subscribers to well over 21 million users, roughly 17% of a population of 126 million people. Now compare that to the United States with a penetration level of 68% and it is easy to see the tremendous potential for growth Nigeria has in its telecommunication market. In 1999, out of the worlds 260 million Internet users, only 2.7 million (1.0%) were African [Over half of that being South African users].

Private investors in Nigeria have been able to lay down new infrastructure; bringing broadband and other contemporary services to the country without the limitations or drawbacks from legacy technologies. Nigeria has the unique opportunity to learn from its global neighbors and build secure efficient networks from the ground up. Historically, when growth happens so rapidly alarm monitoring often becomes a secondary priority, taking a backseat to customer acquisition and network expansion. This strategy is not in the best long term interest of a growing company. UnoTelos plans to make network alarm monitoring a key priority for their clients, stressing the fact that once you gain a customer-base it is equally important to keep them. This forward thinking philosophy helps UnoTelos position its clients for the future as the region becomes more competitive.

Nigeria, Africa
Nigeria, Africa

Importance of Alarm Monitoring in a Rapidly Growing Network

Being roughly the size of Texas, Nigeria's growing networks spans a very large geo-diverse area. Several providers maintain their own networks across Nigeria with remote sites long distances from one another. Many sites are unmanned connected via satellite or microwave, virtually unreachable without great expense. "Just because you have to reboot a router on a remote oil platform, this may require a chopper ride. A chopper ride costs upwards of $800 dollars" Jude exclaims.

UnoTelos hopes to eliminate a large portion of windshield time costs for their clients. "Its not about rolling out the trucks, its knowing what's wrong. What am I going to check for? Do I even have to go there? Is this something that I can work on remotely and how critical is it?" says Jude. UnoTelos understands that solutions like the NetGuardian, the T/Mon SLIM or T/Mon NOC, provide the visibility required to maintain such a diverse network across Nigeria.

UnoTelos brings massive value to their partners through their alarm monitoring offerings. By having years of experience in the telecommunications industry, UnoTelos brings a wealth of knowledge to be able to share with their clients to both deploy and improve infrastructure. "Our key objective is to align our goals with out clients goals, we want to find out what our clients want to achieve and how they want to get there, and be able to provide quality services to meet our clients needs" proclaims Jude.

Detailed alarm monitoring solutions makes a world of difference when problems happen

Network visibility is key in making the right decision when it comes to critical network outages. Having clear and precise information at your finger tips allow you to best evaluate the problem and dispatch the right technician with the proper supplies and tools for the job.

Learn more about detailed alarm monitoring with the T/Mon NOC, T/Mon SLIM and the NetGuardian