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Platform consolidation

  • More platforms can mean less visibility
    You presently don't have a comprehensive single platform for viewing and managing your entire network. You have multiple platforms each providing only half the picture.
  • Maintaining multiple screens is a waste of resources
    This results in inefficiencies in manpower to maintain these platforms, training your staff and the lack of standardization. It's also expensive in terms of any maintenance agreements you may have in place. You don't have a single point of presentation.

Integrated Solution Platform

  • Integrating your screens saves you money
    Having your alarm monitoring system integrated with your building access security makes sense. This integrated platform provides you with a single vendor solution that eliminates unnecessary hardware duplication saving you costs.
  • A single platform saves you time
    You will also appreciate the efficiencies of a single management platform with consistent interfaces. Your staff doesn't have to "learn" two separate systems and they can get support from a single source. Alarm correlation is greatly simplified since the history resides in the same platform.

The Value We Will Deliver:

  • Manage a larger, more advanced network with a smaller, less-trained staff
  • Get exactly the right product with custom engineering
  • Leverage massive industry expertise - over 30 white papers published
  • Mediate legacy protocols to SNMP
  • Replace your legacy master without trashing your legacy remotes
  • Reduce wasted windshield time driv- ing to and from sites
  • US Manufactured in Fresno, CA
  • 2-Year hardware warranty
  • Free lifetime RTU firmware upgrades
  • Free top-quality technical support