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These New SMS Wireless RTU's Eliminate Data Provider and Firewall Headaches

Have you been thinking of deployment of wireless RTUs? While they do offer continuous reporting capability during LAN failures (and a viable full-time option at sites without LAN at all), wireless RTUs so far have created some problems.

First, unless you operate your own cellular network, a third-party data provider is required to get IP data from the cellular network to reach your internal network. This adds to your recurring cost and creates another potential point of failure.

Wireless alarm reporting used to be costly and lacking security.
Getting monitoring data from your wireless remote to your alarm master used to be troublesome.

The second problem is security. In order to get IP-based alarms (like SNMP traps) back from your RTUs, they need to pass from the public Internet into your internal network. That final step into your network requires some sort of firewall hole. Even opening just a single port for a single IP address is something that many IT departments simply won't tolerate.

What you need is a way to get around both third-party data providers and the need to punch a hole in your firewall. That's exactly why DPS developed this new SMS reporting tech.

Wireless reporting to the NOC in a single step.
Now you can report wirelessly via CDMA/GSM directly to your T/Mon alarm management system

With direct SMS reporting, the cellular network carries alarms all the way to your central office. This is achieved using a simple wireless receiver installed on your internal LAN. When an alarm occurs, your wireless RTUs will send a standard text message (SMS) containing encoded alarm information to your wireless receiver. The receiver will pass the alarm data to your T/Mon LNX for interpretation. As always, you can forward alarms from T/Mon to any SNMP manager.

SMS reporting directly to your mobile phone.
The SMS reporting option for many NetGuardian RTUs allows you to report alarms via SMS directly to your phone.

For an even simpler reporting option in small and medium networks, your RTUs can be configured to send human-readable SMS text alerts directly to one or more cell phones. This gets rid of the need for a central master station entirely.

To receive a customized application drawing showing how direct-SMS wireless RTU's will work in your network, send a quick email to sales@dpstele.com or call 1-800-693-0351.