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Why support for legacy remote units can be crucial for your business

Telemetry equipment represents a substantial investment - often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Financial prudence dictates that network managers do everything they can to get the longest useful working life out of these units.

Maintaining an older network is difficult, and it becomes more difficult the older the network gets. Physical faults accumulate, equipment starts to break down, network visibility gradually declines, and finally a serious network threat goes unrecognized, and you lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of revenue.

The longer you use an aging system, the more likely that scenario becomes. If you can avoid even one major revenue-damaging network failure, a new monitoring system has paid for itself.

Legacy support allows your business to grow
Legacy support allows your business to grow
Legacy support has long been a feature of DPS Telecom's products. TMon's modular software design makes it simple to add new capabilities, and TMon has been augmented to support for a variety of legacy equipment.
Badger 400 & 1200 Series Pulsecom Datalok Larse 1200 Series NEC 21SV T/Mon NOC

Legacy monitoring equipment can be a stumbling block to network expansion

A network monitoring system that is based on legacy remotes can't change to meet the needs of a growing network. The remote units can function well for years to come, but the older master that doesn't have modern alarm management capabilities. It can be difficult to get new remotes to accommodate network growth. And if the master breaks down, it may not be possible to repair it, and the entire network monitoring system - that hundred-thousand-dollar investment - is simply lost.

If you're faced with this scenario, you may believe they have no alternative but a wholesale replacement of their entire network monitoring system, both master and remotes. But from a business perspective, that just makes the financial crisis of paying for a new system happen sooner rather than later.

Get a modern master that supports your existing remotes

Because so many network operators must work with legacy equipment, DPS Telecom has made a commitment to legacy support. The T/Mon NOC supports a wide variety of third-party remotes, including the Larse 1200 series, the Badger 400 and 1200 series, the NEC 21SV, and the Pulsecom Datalok.

Clients who upgrade to the T/Mon NOC will immediately have the benefit of the IAM-5's many advanced features, including derived alarms and controls, nuisance alarm filtering, and e-mail and alphanumeric pager notifications. The IAM-5's advanced features work seamlessly with every supported remote and let network managers more effectively protect their networks with their existing remotes.

Smooth migration path for replacing your legacy remotes

With the IAM-5, you'll have a smooth migration path to upgrading their legacy remotes. DPS Telecom's advanced remotes work side-by-side with your legacy gear. You can add and replace remotes over several budget cycles, as your budget and engineering manpower permits.