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Maximum Uptime: Our NEBS Level 3 certified product line just got better

Wouldn't you like to have more assurance that your network is making you money? One way to achieve this is to have the industry's best, most reliable equipment working for you. But how can you be sure you've got the best? For the telecommunications industry this means Network Equipment Building Systems - or NEBS - certification, which ensures the optimal performance and safety of telecommunications equipment.

DPS Telecom has recently increased the number of ways to maximize your uptime and increase your profits by expanding its line of NEBS Level 3 certified equipment to include the widely used NetGuardian. This veteran unit has received a complete overhaul and now gives you more power and flexibility while boasting the NEBS stamp of approval.

NEBS Level 3 certified NetGuardian
Level 3 certified: The new NEBS Level 3 certified NetGuardian has been redesigned from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements for NEBS certification and today"s networks.

The NEBS NetGuardian is a redesign of DPS Telecom's earlier NetGuardian system. It features an improved PC board and chassis, enabling it to withstand the rigorous NEBS Level 3 certification and thorough testing required by RBOCs while retaining the features and functionality telecommunications companies have come to expect from the NetGuardian.

"The NetGuardian is a proven, powerful and flexible alarm monitoring solution that is already protecting networks around the world," said Eric Storm, Director of Technical Sales for DPS Telecom." The newly released unit is an enhancement of those qualities with the added benefit of NEBS Level 3 certification, which gives our clients assurance that their existing network devices will be safe when they integrate it with other co-located equipment."

The NetGuardian is a TCP/IP enabled device, with an integrated web server, and collects TL1 and SNMP alarm reporting. The unit is compatible with all popular SNMP managers and features a built-in terminal server. Other features include up to 176 discrete alarms, LAN access, three modes of dial-up PPP, UserBasic language, and free lifetime firmware upgrades. The product also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NEBS Level 3 certified NetGuardian Expansion with 8-port hub
NEBS certified 8-port hub: In addition to providing up to 144 discrete alarms (48 per expansion unit), the NetGuardian DX offers an integrated NEBS certified 8-port hub. This eliminates the costs and rack space associated with installing a separate NEBS certified hub.

If you are looking to expand your alarm monitoring capabilities, DPS also features the NEBS Level 3 certified NetGuardian DX (expansion unit) that provides an additional 48 discrete alarms per unit. The Expansion unit can be equipped with an 8-port hub while still maintaining its NEBS certification. The integrated hub eliminates the costs and rack space associated with installing a separate NEBS certified hub.

The NetGuardian and NetGuardian Expansion join DPS' first NEBS certified product - the KDA. This powerful unit is still a solid performer for dozens of companies including Lucent Technologies and Verizon and is an integral network monitoring tool for many of the major RBOCs, CLECs, ISPs, and ILECs.

Testing of the units was performed by National Technical Systems (NTS) and were shown to be certified to NEBS Level 3).

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