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Announcing the New NetGuardian 480 and NetGuardian 216

New Additions to NetGuardian Family Deliver Cost-Effective SNMP Monitoring in Specialized High-Density and Light-Capacity Formats

The popular NetGuardian family of remotes has just expanded by two - introducing the NetGuardian 480 (4 controls and 80 discrete alarms) and the NetGuardian 216 (2 controls, 2 analog alarms, and 16 discrete alarms). If you've been looking for a cost-effective way to bring SNMP monitoring to your small and medium sites, the new NetGuardians are the answer.

Like their big brother the NetGuardian 832A, the new NetGuardians are LAN-based SNMP remotes you can trust to monitor your most critical systems - but with alarm capacities scaled to the specific needs of your small and medium sites.

The new NetGuardian 480 and NetGuardian 216 deliver the exact alarm capacity you need, with no unnecessary extras. They're two great options for covering an entire site with a single-unit monitoring solution at an economical cost per point, eliminating the expense of multiple-unit solutions.

Which NetGuardian is right for you? The NetGuardian 480 is specialized for high-density, discrete-only alarm collection, providing 80 discrete inputs and 4 controls in one unit - enough to cover an entire medium-sized site. The NetGuardian 216 provides the essential capabilities of the NetGuardian 832A in a light-capacity form, with 16 discretes, 2 analogs, and 2 controls, plus 1 reach-through serial port.

The NetGuardian 480

NetGuardian 480 (Front)
NetGuardian 480 (Back)

The NetGuardian 480 is optimized for use as a high-capacity SNMP and DCP responder for applications that require large-scale discrete-only alarm collection.

The central feature of the NetGuardian 480 is its 80 discrete point inputs - 2½ times the capacity of the NetGuardian 832A. You can easily cover an entire small or medium-sized site with this one unit. The NetGuardian 480's dense alarm coverage gives you the convenience of a single rack unit solution, saves you the cost of buying multiple low-capacity RTUs, and offers you a highly economical cost per point.

The NG480 supports SNMP, DCP, DCPf, and DCPx. Data transport options include TCP, UDP, and serial connection. The NG 480 can report via SNMP over LAN to any SNMP manager, or report via SNMP over LAN or DCP(f/x) over LAN or serial connection to the T/MonXM Network Alarm Management System.

The NG480 can also simultaneously support both LAN and serial data transport, so it can report alarms to T/MonXM via serial connection and to your SNMP manager via LAN at the same time. When reporting on dual channels, change of state alarms are managed separately for each channel, so alarms can be acknowledged by either management system and remain visible to both.

As an SNMP proxy agent, the NG480 is the ideal solution for mediating telecommunications discrete alarms. The NG480 is designed to fully capture your discrete alarm data, and its configurable alarm description option lets you include detailed, actionable information in SNMP traps.

The NG480 also supports alarm qualification times for nuisance alarm filtering, alarm point polarity reversal, and an internal real-time clock, so date/time stamps in SNMP traps are always correct.

The NetGuardian 480 has many additional features to give you complete visibility and control of your remote site:

  • Four control relays for operating backup equipment and security devices or rebooting remote equipment - you can control remote site equipment directly from your SNMP manager.
  • Front panel LEDs give immediate local visibility of alarm state and network status.
  • An included Windows-based configuration utility, for easy provisioning, local alarm monitoring, and diagnostics.
  • Dual -48 VDC power feeds, for a sound power diversity strategy, are standard on the NetGuardian 480. Dual -24 VDC power feeds are also available.

With its 80 discrete points, dual reporting capability, sophisticated SNMP implementation, and easy configuration and setup, the NetGuardian 480 is a great combination of power, visibility, and simplicity in a cost-effective single unit.

The NetGuardian 216

NetGuardian 216 (Front)
NetGuardian 216 (Back)

The NetGuardian 216 brings advanced network reliability management to small sites in a convenient package that's easy to use and easy on your budget.

With 16 discrete alarm inputs, 2 analog alarm inputs, and 2 control relay outputs, the NetGuardian 216 provides complete coverage and control of your small remote site.

IP-based connectivity means the NetGuardian 216 can be installed anywhere your LAN goes. You can add alarm monitoring visibility to anywhere in your network, without installing expensive dedicated circuits or relying on modem connections to transport essential data.

With the NetGuardian 216, you'll have constant visibility of your small remote site, making cost-effective use of your existing network infrastructure.

The NetGuardian 216 reports alarms via SNMP, DCP, DCPf, or DCPx over UDP/IP, and can be used with any SNMP manager or the T/MonXM network alarm management system.

The NetGuardian 216 includes a reach-through serial port, giving you LAN access, monitoring, and control of remote-site communications equipment.

The NG 216 can be mounted on a wall or on a standard 19-inch or 23-inch rack. And, because of its compact, 8-inch-wide form factor, you can even mount two NG 216s side-by-side in just one rack unit.

A real-time clock and Internet Time Protocol support ensure that you'll have accurate date-time stamping of all alarms and SNMP traps.

Designed for easy configuration, the NetGuardian 216 comes with a free Windows-based utility for configuration, monitoring, diagnostics, installation, and turn-up.

The NetGuardian 216 makes monitoring your small sites a breeze - it's easy to install, easy to connect, easy to configure, but provides complete visibility and control over your existing LAN.

The NetGuardian Family Comparison Chart

Features: NG 216 NG 480 NG 832A
Discrete Alarms (contact closures, Digital Inputs) 16 80 32-176
Analog Inputs 2   8
Controls (Relays) 2 4 4-32
Ping Targets     16-32
Serial Reach Through Ports 1   2-8
Web Browser Interface     check
Windows Configuration Software check check check
TTY Interface     check
IP-Based check check check
Dial-up Alt. path reporting     check
Audio/Visual local notification     check
Pager notification     check
E-mail notification     check
Derived Controls     check
A/B power feed support   check check
Built in 12/24 VDC power supply for analog sensors     check
Protocols supported: SNMP,
History log     check
Building Access System integration     check
SiteCAM surveillance System integration     check