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"Leave RTU Warranty Hassles Behind With This New Plan..."

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DPS Ultimate Care
Let DPS Ultimate Care Protect You From Unexpected Repair Costs...

Are you doing everything in your power to protect your remote telemetry units (RTUs)? Do you enjoy the benefits of the T/Mon Gold Plan, but wish you had better protection for your essential RTUs? Maybe you're doing research for your next RTU purchase, but it's tough finding a reliable vendor that can meet your needs on a warranty and protection level.

Imagine How Confident You'd Be with Total Equipment Protection...
What if you could find an amazing protection plan that guarantees the reliability of your RTU for years to come? Imagine the ultimate level of equipment protection that will protect you from unexpected maintenance expense. This kind of protection would give you peace of mind knowing your important RTU investments are backed by a company you can trust.

DPS Ultimate Care Protects Your RTU's for up to 7 Years...
The DPS Ultimate Care protection plan protects your valuable RTUs. This plan safeguards your equipment by extending the 2-year hardware warranty you already receive with DPS products.

This new care plan is available in 2 different lengths:

  • "DPS Care" adds an additional year to your 2-year hardware warranty, for a total of 3 years. Additional years can be purchased to extend your protection even further.
  • "DPS Ultimate Care" adds 5 years to your warranty at a discounted rate. That's 7 years of total warranty protection for the price of 3.

DPS Ultimate Care Eliminates Your Unexpected Maintenance Cost...DPS Ultimate Care allows you to stay protected at a fixed cost, lifting the burden of future repair costs.

With the DPS Ultimate Care plan, you gain protection for 5 additional years for only the price of 3. Don't sacrifice network visibility when one of your RTUs gets damaged, even beyond repair*. If an RTU suffers non-repairable damage and we no longer make that older model, you'll receive the newer equivalent model that we currently manufacture.

Benefits of the DPS Ultimate Care Plan:

  • Extend the 2-year hardware warranty already guaranteed with DPS products
  • Stay protected for 7 years, when you've already gotten most of the depreciation out
  • Receive priority Technical Support and RMA Service
  • Preserve your limited maintenance budget by prepaying one fixed cost with your CapEx budget
  • Attend FREE hands-on training at DPS Headquarters
  • Receive the modern functional equivalent of a non-repairable RTU
  • Available on all new DPS RTU purchases and all other DPS RTU's that are still under warranty...

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Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 and ask how the DPS Ultimate Care Plan can start protecting all your RTU investments!

To receive a price quote or ROI analysis...

Call 1-800-693-0351

*Manufacturer's warranty does not cover fire, flood, lightning, equipment misuse, and other specific occurrences. Contact the DPS Sales Department for full details of the DPS warranty.

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