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How to Monitor Water Treatment Sites

Imagine that you're the operator at a large water treatment plant for the local community. Maintaining high-quality water for the community is an extensive job that requires regular physical monitoring of the equipment and recording the outputs, flow rates, dosages, etc. This constant monitoring keeps you from fulfilling all of your other job responsibilities. Imagine how much easier your job be if you had the water treatment monitoring technology to automatically do the functions of this job - freeing your time to take care of your other responsibilities?

This scenario highlights the challenges faced by operators at water treatment plants. You don't have to suffer - water treatment monitoring technology exists to save you valuable time to focus on other tasks and prevents water mishaps from causing thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of damage.

What does it take for effective water treatment monitoring?

Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong water treatment monitoring system. Here are some key features you need to make the right choice:

  • Advanced sensor technology
    A good SCADA system will use analog sensors in addition to discrete sensors (which only give you binary "on" or "off" alerts). Analog sensors are capable of providing you with precise readings of your important variables (flow rate, pump status, water levels, temperature, etc). Compared to discrete sensors, analog sensors can provide you with the detailed alerts you need to tackle the problems at your plant.
  • Escalation lists
    An escalation list is a backup list of people to notify. In the event the first person on the list is unable to respond - because he's too busy or too deeply asleep - a second person will be notified, and so on. Look for SCADA systems that offer an escalation list of at least six people. Having extensive escalation lists can mean the difference in an alert going unnoticed and having a water disaster prevented.
  • 24/7 alert capabilities
    You're not in the office all day every day so it's critical for you to always be in the loop. Your water treatment monitoring system should be capable of providing you with multiple alert methods at any time of the day (pages, emails, SMS text messages, voice alerts, etc). Don't leave yourself exposed, because emergencies don't only happen during standard business hours.
  • Rugged durability
    Without the industrial-grade quality that guarantees results, you won't be fully monitored and protected. Your SCADA system should be made on industrial-grade hardware so you know your device can withstand any environment.

How do I get started monitoring my water treatment plant?

Are you ready to give yourself the peace of mind knowing that at all times your water treatment plant is monitored? Imagine the satisfaction in knowing you've eliminated the risk of a preventable water disaster occurring on your watch. Picture how much easier your job will be without all of the tedious physical monitoring responsibilities. You've envisioned the possibilities and you're ready for results.

A DPS Telecom success story

Chris LaVay, tasked with the responsibility of providing safe water for his Sonoma, CA community, wanted a SCADA solution to overcome the challenges he faced at his water treatment plant. Mr. LaVay spent too much time attending to tedious monitoring tasks and felt his plant wasn't secured properly when he was away.

"If we just had some analog sensors in the right places, it would save me a tremendous amount of time," he said. When there's a problem, Mr. LaVay's NetGuardian sends him a page and he immediately goes and fixes the problem. With DPS solutions in mind, Mr. LaVay hopes to "retrofit" his current alarm system. "It could save us millions of dollars..." he says. For more, read the water treatment monitoring case study.

Are you ready for an efficient SCADA solution?

NetGuardian RTU
The NetGuardian 832A is the right SCADA solution for your water treatment monitoring needs.

If you're ready for the power of a SCADA solution, then I suggest the NetGuardian 832A to handle all of your water treatment monitoring needs. This device gives you the powerful features you need at an attractive price. It will provide you with32 discrete alarms points (expandable to 176), 32 ping alarms, 8 analog alarms, 8 controls, and 8 serial ports - and 7x24 world-class tech support. The NetGuardian 832A gives you all of the tools you need for your water treatment plant.

Call the monitoring experts at DPS Telecom (1-800-693-0351) or email them at sales@dpstele.com to get started today. DPS Telecom also offers a free Return-on-Investment analysis (ROI) - so you can see exactly how much you can save with your water treatment monitoring system. Don't leave your plant at risk any longer - get started today.