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SNMP Trap Processor

Summary of Features
  • Gives your T/Mon the ability to monitor any SNMP device.
  • Allows the T/Mon platform to umbrella legacy & SNMP devices in a single management platform.
  • SNMP devices inherit T/Mon alarm notification methods (i.e. Alpha Paging & email)
  • Perform alarm associations & qualifications on SNMP devices
  • Allows "Telco Strength" monitoring of SNMP devices.
  • Compatible with T/GrafX for visual views of your network.
  • Access SNMP alarms via the Web Browser
  • MIBs are easily imported

This software module gives the T/Mon & IAM the ability to receive & process traps from SNMP devices. This allow your T/Mon to monitor your network to even a greater degree by vastly increasing the number of intelligent devices that it can protect. It allows the seamless integration of SNMP devices to the large complement of alarms that can already be monitored by T/Mon.

You can use this module to be your primary SNMP monitoring device or use it to monitor devices that are not directly in your responsibility path, but none the less effect your operations.

SNMP processing is very straightforward to implement. Simply import the MIB, define the device, perform trap to point associations and you are off and running. SNMP templates & libraries make it easy to maintain multiples of the same types of device.

Once a trap has been detected, you inherit all of the T/Mon functionality and benefits that you have grown to rely on over the years. You will be able to easily: Categorize alarms, present them in a consistent factor, perform extensive notifications, maintain history, use in relation with other alarms & times of day, and conveniently view the alarms.

This module can be added to any new DPS master station or any existing DPS master station equipped with LAN running the latest software.

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