These 5 Steps Lead to Successful SNMP & Legacy Integration

You'll probably always have legacy equipment, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the latest technologies AND continue to get the full value of your legacy gear. The answer is SNMP-legacy integration. The most important thing you need to know about integration is that it works.

Many network managers have updated their alarm monitoring to modern SNMP systems - but many more managers are stuck with their older systems, because it's financially impossible to replace them. There is a way out. Your older equipment can be integrated with a new SNMP-based system. You can have modern capabilities without replacing your old equipment, greatly reducing the costs of upgrading.

This white paper is a fast guide to the facts about SNMP-legacy integration. It will show you exactly how you can integrate your older systems to SNMP - without sacrificing functionality or wasting money.

Read this network monitoring guide to learn...

  • How to make SNMP and legacy gear work together
  • How to upgrade from legacy to SNMP without wasting time or money
  • How to integrate all your network equipment to an SNMP umbrella system
  • How to make SNMP and legacy gear work together without sacrificing functionality
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