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APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager monitoring the NetGuardian 216

APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager monitoring the NetGuardian 216
APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager monitoring the NetGuardian 216

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This solution features a single NetGuardian 216 along with a 110VAC Wall Transformer. It is one of our smallest RTU's and will be able to monitor your Onan diesel generator and report the alarms via SNMP over LAN to your APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager.

You will need to terminate the alarms from the generator to a 66-Block (or equivalent) and then take a single Amphenol Cable from the NetGuardian 216 to that same 66-Block.

The NetGuardian 216 offers an easy, cost-effective way to monitor your small sites. The NetGuardian 216 comes equipped with 16 discrete alarm inputs, 2 analog alarm inputs, and 2 control relay outputs. The discrete alarms are items such as door alarms, equipment alarms and other ON/OFF events. The discrete alarms are "software reversible" to support both N/O and N/C alarm wiring. The NetGuardian 216's 2 analog inputs can be used for measuring such critical events as temperature, voltage and battery. We also have a line of sensors, which can be used with the NetGuardian 216 and can be included upon your request.

With this unit you can:

  • Monitor discrete or analog alarms.
  • Operate on-site equipment remotely via LAN.
  • Use the reach-through serial port to connect via LAN.
  • Report alarms to the T/Mon and/or multiple SNMP managers.

The NetGuardian 216 can mount in any 19" or 23" rack and occupies only one rack unit of space. The standard NetGuardian 216 has rear-panel amphenol connectors for alarms, LAN connections for transport, and a RS232 serial port.

DPS offers FREE LIFETIME SOFTWARE upgrades, which you can easily download to your NetGuardian via LAN to make sure you have all the latest & greatest benefits that have been developed.