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Use SNMP To Actively Monitor All Your Mircowave Sites....

T/Mon Slim and NetGuardians Topology
Monitor Your All Your Microwave Sites Using SNMP...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

The T/Mon SLIM offers advanced alarm monitoring in 1RU form factor. The T/Mon SLIM allows you to consolidate alarms from multiple remote sites into a single platform then share that alarm information with up to five users simultaneously using its built-in Web Browser interface or T/Windows remote access software. The T/Mon SLIM is a complete network alarm monitoring system in a 1RU package. It's the full power of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System, scaled to the needs of small, local and regional networks. The software solution will take the form of our SNMP Software Module that can be be preloaded onto the T/Mon SLIM. Therefore, your existing SNMP based Microwave Radios and Routers will also be able to report alarms to it.

The T/Mon GFX Software Module is a graphic-based application that is great for T/Mon applications where intuitive graphical feedback is required. T/Mon GFX provides a graphic display of alarm network status using maps, floor plans and other graphic representations to give operators a system visibility. T/Mon GFX can work using a centralized database across the LAN where multiple users can access the same information. Multiple T/Mon GFX displays can be supported by T/Mon software. T/Mon GFX will run on a windows based PC connected to the T/Mon SLIM via LAN and consists of a series of maps that allow users to have a birds eye view of their network. Users can then drill down on specific icons representing layers of your network. Layers could include a national, regional, local view and even a rack presentation of your equipment.

The NetDog 82IP G2 has an integrated Web Browser interface which will make for easy and convenient alarm management and unit configuration via LAN/WAN or the Internet. It also features a built-in terminal strip for ease of installation. The new NetDog 82IP (G2) has a capacity of 8 discrete inputs, 4 analogs and 2 control relays. The NetDog 82IP's 8 discrete alarm inputs can accept any contact closure type of event, such as door switches, fuse alarms, major and minor equipment alarms, high temperature alarms and tower light monitors.

The NetGuardian 832A G5 alarm remote provides 32 discrete alarm inputs, 8 analog inputs, 8 control relays, 8 RS232 terminal server ports, 1 RS485 BAS port, an audible alert speaker, and an informative local LCD display, all in a 1 rack unit of space. We've included front and back-panel views of the unit. The G5 boasts a faster processor than any previous generation. This will provide you with more horsepower for future software releases that will enhance security and add new serial port functionality. It also provides faster web browser interaction and increased terminal server throughput. The G5 also has plenty of extra RAM and flash memory for future software applications.