Sales FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. Does DPS have local sales representatives?
A. Yes - Direct sales representatives are located in the areas of:
Atlanta, GA Raymond Allread (770) 380-7419
Fresno, CA (contact our sales office for additional information)

Manufacturer's representatives are:
Canada: Dantek, Ltd. (514) 484-3810
Alaska: Doug Hanson Assoc. (907) 696-0722

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Q. What is the average product lead time?
A. 30 days.

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Q. How long has DPS been in business?
A. DPS Telecom was founded on October 15, 1986 in Fresno, California.

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Q. How do I find out about pricing?
A. To get the best pricing for your solution, call our helpful sales representatives.

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Q. Do I have to design and build my own alarm monitoring network?
A. No, that's one of the ways we will partner with you. One of our sales engineers will work with you to design a proposal that will accommodate your requirements. We will also make sure that the proposed system is a valid configuration.

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Q. What kind of training does DPS offer?
A. We have scheduled classes in Fresno. We also offer an on-site turn up assistance package that is the best way to get you system up and running quickly. General on-site training is also available. Please review our Customer Support Page.

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Q. Do you accept Visa or MasterCard?
A. Yes.

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Q. How do I figure out which alarm remote is best for me?
A. Not an easy question to answer without knowing more about your requirements. Generally speaking you would choose remotes based on a variety of factors including: Number of point to monitor, Analog collection requirement, Where & how you wish to mount it, How you like to terminate your alarms, How likely your sites are to expand, and what type of communications links you have. The best way to make the right choice is to call us to discuss your site monitoring needs.

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Q. I've got lots of other responsibilities besides putting in an alarm monitoring system. Can I get some help putting together a system?
A. Absolutely. Our client service & support department will help you with the network design and equipment selection aspects. Our training, turn-up assistance, and databasing services well help you quickly get your system up & running and keep your staff proficient.

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Q. My current system consists of an old alarm master and a fair number of remotes. Can I replace my master and keep the remotes for a bit longer?
A. Very possibly. T/Mon has modules to interface to a number of "legacy" devices. As of present these devices include: Datalok, Dantel, Badger, and NEC. A Larse module is on its way.

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Q. Can T/Mon monitor SNMP?
A. YES, T/Mon can receive & process SNMP traps. T/Mon can compile your MIBS and then you can select which alarm you wish to see.

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Q. Can T/Mon be used in a redundant environment?
A. There are several configurations that allows for fault tolerant & disaster recovery site topologies.

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Q. What type of discounts to you offer?
A. We offer discount schedules based on quantity orders and annual purchase level agreements. The first discount level starts at 11 units. Please contact the DPS client service team for additional information.

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Q. What is the standard DPS warranty?
A. 2 years on DPS hardware. 90 Days on Software. Please refer to the warranty policy for additional info.

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Q. Do you have 24x7 hour emergency tech support available?
A. Yes. For after hour emergencies, simply call our TOLL FREE number, let the phone ring until the automated response provides you with further instructions. You will be called back within 15 minutes, no charge.

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Q. What are you're your standard tech support hours?
A. Standard tech support hours are from 6AM PST to 6PM PST. You may also use our online tech support form.

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