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Control Entry Access with the ECU G3

Used in conjunction with the Building Access System to control entry access.

The Entry Control Unit G3 (ECU G3) acts as an interface between the T/Mon and the keypad or proxy reader. Any access code entered on the keypad or read by the proxy reader is accepted by the ECU and passed on to the T/Mon for validation. If the access code is valid, the ECU receives a command from the T/Mon to operate a local control relay to open the door. And in case of a communication failure with the T/Mon, the ECU will verify entered room access codes against two sets of user passcodes downloaded from T/Mon.

The ECU G3 can interface with a proxy reader or a keypad depending on what type of configuration is required. There are multiple door lock options as well such as magnetic lock or door strikes. There will be no more lost or forgotten keys for your secured sites. There are also additional features such as alarm to exit so you will know when someone leaves a location.

The ECU G3 is powered by -48 VDC and is wall mountable on the interior of the building or mounted outside in a NEMA enclosure (to protect it from the elements). The unit has LEDs for power, communication, fuse alarm, and an LED that echoes the door status.

ECU G3 Specifications

The ECU G3 features a craft port for configuration, (optional) LAN port, FA relay, and a power input
Full Specifications
Interfaces: RS-422.
(Optional) 10/100BaseT LAN.
Door Strike Voltage Output: 12V or 24V.
Power input: -48 VDC.
Fuse: 1/4 Amp.
Dimensions: 6.5"L x 6"W x 1.5" D.
Audible: Speaker with Adjustable Volume.
Mounting: Wall Mountable.
Operating Temperature 32 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees C).
Operating Humidity: 0%-95% noncondensing.

General Door Alarm information.