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"How You Can Get a Customized Solution for Your Monitoring Problem"

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Have other vendors been unable to fulfill your requests for features to make monitoring your network easier? Do your sites present unique challenges that you've been struggling to find a solution for?

3 Customization Levels
This is how to get the last puzzle piece you need to complete your monitoring system...

"You shouldn't have to sacrifice comprehensive network visibility just because your monitoring vendor can't provide you with a custom-built monitoring solution. And you shouldn't have to pay extra for a custom solution either," said DPS Support Tech Ron Stover. "It's all about customization to meet your requirements."

But how can you get the network visibility you need without paying expensive, non-refundable engineering (NRE) fees? Find out how you can save money while designing the custom monitoring solution you need to be successful.

Get These 3 Key Types of Customization
A good monitoring vendor will have a product lineup that meets the majority of common monitoring needs. To give you the perfect fit you need, your vendor should also offer customization in these 3 key areas:

  1. Form factor- Are you running out of space in your equipment rack? If so, your vendor should be able to provide a wall-mount version of the gear you need.
  2. Different Protocols- A high-quality alarm master should be able to mediate #alarm data from all of your different protocols and devices.# If one of your protocols isn't currently supported, you should be able to get it added without paying NRE fees.
  3. Interface- What kind of connectivity do you have at your site? LAN remotes work fine when LAN is available, but what if you need a serial, dial-up, wireless, or T1 interface? A good vendor can provide it for you.

Get the Customization You Need as a DPS Telecom Client
DPS understands the value of listening to clients like you to develop a monitoring system that will meet and exceed your specifications. If custom engineering is needed to meet special requirements, then DPS will customize it in any of these 3 way to meet your exact specifications.

The T/Mon Alarm Master Allows Intensive User Customization
In addition to hardware and software customization during production, customization is also woven into the fabric of T/Mon. "The T/Mon master is incredibly customizable" said Senior DPS Support Tech Chris Hower. "Through our extensive experience, we've developed a set of default specifications that is powerful and efficient. However, about 98% of those features are user-definable, truly allowing our clients a custom solution." Wouldn't you benefit from a totally customizable alarm master?

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