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DPS Telecom Complies With NEBS Level 3 Requirements

FRESNO, CA - Nov. 1, 2001 -- DPS Telecom (http://www.dpstele.com), a manufacturer of network management and remote monitoring systems for the telecommunications industry, today announced the release of its NC series NetGuardian and NetGuardian Expansion alarm monitoring units. In a recent report by National Technical Systems, both units were shown to be certified to Level 3 of the Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS).

The NetGuardian NC is a redesign of DPS Telecom's earlier NetGuardian system. The NC series features an improved PC board and chassis, enabling it to withstand the rigorous NEBS Level 3 certification and thorough testing required by RBOCs while retaining the features and functionality telecommunications companies have come to expect from the NetGuardian.

"The NetGuardian is a proven, powerful and flexible alarm monitoring solution that is already protecting networks around the world," said Eric Storm, Director of Technical Sales for DPS Telecom. "The NetGuardian NC is an enhancement of those qualities with the added benefit of NEBS Level 3 certification, which gives our clients the assurance that their existing network devices will be safe when they introduce co-located equipment."

NEBS certification focuses primarily on safety and emissions, testing products' performance in the areas of electrical parameters and environmental conditions. During the certification process, the NetGuardian NC test units stood up to a wide range of conditions, including electromagnetic interference, lightning, humidity, heat, cold, gases, dust, drops, vibration, altitude, flame and earthquake, with no failures.

The NetGuardian NC is a TCP/IP enabled device, with an integrated web server, and collects TL1 and SNMP alarm reporting. The unit is compatible with all popular SNMP managers and features a built-in terminal server. Other features include up to 176 discrete alarms, LAN access, three modes of dial-up PPP that include AlwaysOn, OnDemand, or BackUp mode, UserBasic language and free lifetime firmware upgrades. The product also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

"NetGuardian NC is really an insurance product," said Bob Berry, DPS Telecom President and CEO. "We make sure our customers' equipment is functioning so they can keep their own customers, protect their revenue stream, and maintain control of their network. Our equipment handles the dispatch so our clients can manage their personnel and the technical side of their networks."

DPS Telecom

Listed as an Inc. 500 company in 1997, DPS Telecom has been developing telemetry monitoring and alarm gathering devices for the telecommunications, utility, and transportation markets since 1986. The company specializes in creating custom network reliability management solutions.

Jared Geesey