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RT Communications Monitors In-House with the NetGuardian and IAM

RT Communications has been providing customers with state-of-the-art telecommunications services and products since 1994. Based in Worland, Wyoming, the company maintains a subscriber base of 17,000 in 16 exchanges. As an active and respected leader in their community, RT Communications maintains a staff of professional employees to provide a full spectrum of innovative telecommunications services and products while maintaining an atmosphere of care and integrity for its customers.

RT Communications
IAM and NetGuardian: Curtis Drake and Steve Keefer
point out the IAM and NetGuardian that has allowed
RT Communications to bring their alarm monitoring
in-house and under their control.

Just a few short years ago, RT Communications was faced with the problem of aging equipment that needed replacing. The original exchanges they purchased were mechanical exchanges and they had a small alarm system in place, but when they upgraded to digital systems, they needed expanded capabilities and call-out features that the old system couldn't provide. Steve Keefer, the Plant Manager for RT Communications explains, "We had the Dantel system that was installed by the company from whom we purchased the network, and those systems were reliable in their day, but were not able to meet our needs when we went wireless." To address this issue, RT Communications installed the IAM and several NetGuardians to monitor sites throughout their network.

In addition to needing a reliable, powerful alarm monitoring system, RT Communications was also concerned with the integration of a new system. They needed a complete monitoring system that they could easily integrate into their network and one that addressed all of their needs. "When we purchased the wireless equipment from Nortel, they recommended the DPS system," explains Steve. "It's been pretty good for us. Not only does it deliver the alarm to a tech, it also sends it to the right tech or one that is responsible for that certain area."

The implementation of the DPS system also gave RT Communications total network visibility from a single location. Steve explains, "We used to have an outside vendor monitor our network out west. But now it's a money saving system because it allows us to keep our network monitoring in-house. The NetGuardian provided us the capability of bringing the alarms from our remote huts into our central office." The NetGuardian is a powerful, compact LAN-based alarm collector that provides network managers with remote visibility of their IP network elements.

When asked about working with DPS, Curtis Drake, a Central Office Technician replied, "It's been great service. Everyone has been very helpful and easy to work with. In fact, it would be great if you want to send Johnny (a DPS installation technician) out here for another week."

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