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The T/MonXM Network Alarm Management System — Total Visibility of Your Entire Network, Including Legacy Equipment That No One Else Can Support

T/MonXM is multiprotocol, multifunction network alarm management software designed as a single-platform solution for all alarm monitoring applications. T/MonXM collects alarm data from lots of different equipment throughout many manufacturers and protocols, and displays the state of your entire network in one interface, eliminating the need for specialized terminals. With this one unit, you can:

  • Monitor 24 channels of alarm data in any current or legacy industry protocol (ASCII, Badger, Datalok, DCPX, DCPF, DCM, Larse, SNMP, TABS, Teltrac, TL1, TRIP, and others).
  • Display network status and alarm information to multiple users connected via LAN, dial-up, or serial port.
  • Automatically send detailed notifications and instructions to repair and security personnel when an alarm event occurs.


Intelligent Alarm Mediator

The T/Mon NOC is rack-mount server. With DC power inputs and more serial ports the T/Mon NOC is designed for central equipment rooms. The T/Mon NOC can be monitored from any computer connected serially or via LAN.

T/GFX Graphical Display for Windows

T/GFX Graphical Display for Windows

T/GFX provides a comprehensive graphic display of your network from a overall national view down to the very racks of equipment. T/GFX displays T/MonXM data on a war-room map of your network.

T/MonXM Software (Latest Version)

View all the latest features of the T/MonXM alarm management software.

Software Modules for T/MonXM

SNMP Trap Processor

This software module gives the T/Mon the ability to receive and process traps from SNMP devices.

SNMP Agent

Forwards alarm data to SNMP manager via ethernet. Mediates alarms from any T/Mon protocol interface module.

TL1 Responder

The TL1 responder software module gives either the T/MonXM Workstation or IAM the ability to report alarms via TL1 (Transaction Language 1).

Two-Way Paging

The T/MonXM alarm monitoring software now supports two-way paging, allowing technicians to acknowledge alarms from their pagers.

ASCII Interrogator

Supports direct connect ASCII monitoring. Checks all data or predefined alarm conditions and generates standard T/Mon alarms. Periodic query commands can be issued and their responses processed.

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Hardware Modules for T/MonXM

Relay Card with Alt Address

A general purpose 14 relay card for the T/Mon NOC platform to supplement the 108 card. Relays may be controlled by some of the following: Derived controls, Labeled controls and Site controls. Interface: DB25 and DB9 connector.

  • D-PC-102-10A-00: Relay Card with Alt Address

Audible Alarm Card w/ Cutoff Relays & Watchdog

Provides 4 visual control relays for standing alarms (levels A-D), 4 Audible control relays for unacknowledged alarms (levels A-D), 4 general purpose relays, 3 function tone generator for audible. Connection interface: DB25. General purpose connections made via DB9 connector. Powered from base platform bus. Watchdog monitors system and will force auto-restart if system fails.

4 Port Intelligent Controller

4 serial ports per board, switch addressable 1-6, connection interface RJ-11 jacks, powered from base platform bus.

600 Card

Equipped with four (4) fixed RS232 ports.

602 Card

Euipped with four (4) docking modules. Card can be equipped with a variety of modules depending on interface requirements. Switch addressable 1-6.

603 Card

A shorter version of the 602 for use in the short slots of Pentium motherboards. This card uses one (1) docking module and three (3) RS232 or RS422/485 ports (specify when ordering).

  • D-PC-600-10A-00: 4 RS232 Ports
  • D-PC-602-10A-00: 4 Empty Docking Bays
  • D-PC-602-10A-10: 4 RS232/485 Ports
  • D-PC-602-10A-20: 4 212 Dial Modems
  • D-PC-602-10A-30: 4 RS232 & RS422/485 Ports
  • D-PC-603-10A-00: 1 Docking Bay and 3 RS232 or RS422/485 Ports

X.25 Card

Provides 1 channel per board. Speeds of up to 64Kb. Connection interface: DB25 connector. Powered from base platform bus, addresses cards one, two, three or four. May be used in ASCII & TL1 MUX applications.

  • D-PC-240-10A-00: X.25 Card

Ethernet NE2000 Card, ISA & PCI card slot format

ISA and PCI format fits late 486 and early Pentium mother boards. Order as part of SNMP or NAC software package.

  • D-PG-220-10A-01: ISA card slot format with SNMP Agent
  • D-PG-220-10A-02: PCI card slot format with SNMP Agent
  • D-PG-143-10A-01: ISA card slot format with NAC Agent
  • D-PG-143-10A-02: PCI card slot format with NAC Agent

Docking Modules

Provides electrical interface to the 602 board, KDA, DPM, DCM and TAC. 202 Modem specs: 1200 Baud, 300-3400 Hz, TX Mark 1200 Hz, TX Space 2200 Hz.

Note: Docking moedule 485B is for proctection switch control.

  • D-PC-635-10A-00: 202 Modem
  • D-PC-645-10A-00: RS232
  • D-PC-655-10A-00: RS422/485
  • D-PC-140-10A-00: 212/1200 Baud Dial Modem
  • D-PC-696-10A-00: RS485B

RS232 Hub Docking Module

Used in KDA network element to hub RS232 data between two points.

  • D-PC-640-10A-00: Dual RS232 Pad

FSK Docking Module

New docking module allows 1200 Baud data transmission in the 4 to 8 kHz VF band. Fits on 202 card or in KDA network element, occupies 2 pads.

  • D-PC-692-10A-00: FSK Modem

Slide Rack for T/Mon NOC, 19" or 23"

Rack-mount slides for T/Mon NOC chassis. Adds one rack unit to T/Mon NOC.

  • D-RK-150-10A-19: 19" IAM Slide Rack
  • D-RK-150-10A-23: 23" IAM Slide Rack

RS232 to FSK Converter

Interfaces RS232 port to FSK facility. External box to use with T/MonSC, T/MonXM or IAM.

  • D-PC-206-10B-00: RS232 to FSK converter

X.25 Data Scope Card

Collects data from two RS232 sources and presents it to higher level software in time sequence order. Typically used to monitor both sides of a protocol conversation across a physical link.

  • D-PR-205-10A-00: Data Scope Card