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Appendix Part 1: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC

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The T/MON NOC supports the following protocols. We can also custom engineer them to follow whatever protocol you need.


  • Any device with plain text formatted output (craft ports, etc.)
  • ROP (Report Only Printer) ports.
  • PBX Switches
  • Class 5 Switches
  • Microwave radios
  • Routers
  • AEB.
  • Alcatel DACS
  • CDMA
  • CEB
  • Cerent OC48.
  • Cisco 15454 (SONET)
  • Cisco OC48
  • Definity System 75
  • Digtac
  • Ericsson Switch.
  • Fujitsu FLM 150
  • Harris Radio
  • Lucent 5ESS
  • Lucent ECP
  • Lucent OC48.
  • Motorola CBSC
  • Motorola EMX
  • Nokia Switch
  • Nortel DMS-10
  • Nortel DMS-100.
  • Nortel DMS-250
  • Nortel DMS-500
  • Nortel MTX250
  • Nortel OC48
  • Nortel PCS.
  • OMC System
  • Paradyne 740
  • PBX Switches
  • Tellabs DACS
  • Tellabs DACS 5500.


  • Badger 481
  • Badger 1200
  • Larse 1200
  • Badger Mini-Master
  • Badger 482.



  • Pulsecom Datalok 10A
  • Pulsecom Datalok 10D
  • Other Pulsecom Datalok devices.


  • Dantel 460 Alarm & Control System (ACS).
  • Dantel MAT
  • Dantel CPM
  • Dantel VDM.
  • Dantel SBP sub-assembly.


  • Any DCP enabled device.
  • DPS Telecom remotes
  • Dantel 460 Alarm & Control System (ACS)

E2, E2A

  • Any E2 or E2A enabled device
  • DPS Telecom KDA-E2A.
  • DPS Telecom NTP (Network Telemetry Processor).
  • Lucent DAS (Digital Alarm Scanner) remote.
  • Lucent APR (Alarm Processing Remote).
  • Lucent ATP (Advanced Telemetry Processor).
  • Lucent GTP (General Telemetry Processor).
  • Lucent SAC (Status and Command) remote.
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