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Factory Training Participants Agree: "This Class Will Make Your Job Easier"

Clients from four companies completed a five-day class here in Fresno in July, and toward the end of the session we asked them to share their impressions of the class.

All of our four participants - Bryce Pursely from Duke Energy, John Mullen and Dan Jackson from Dominion Resources, and Jim Evans from Silver Star Communications - play a vital role in the network monitoring systems at their companies. So we asked them, how does DPS Factory Training help them perform their job?

"It's always good to work with people from other companies. You can see people doing something different, and maybe that's what you need to start doing, or vice versa."
- Jim Evans, Silver Star Communications

All of the participants agreed that turning up a network alarm monitoring system is a complicated procedure that shouldn't be done with only the aid of a user's manual. But after you've attended a factory training class, you don't have to puzzle things out on your own. The class covers everything you need to know about setting up a T/MonXM master system, installing and configuring NetGuardian and KDA remote units, using advanced features like paging and e-mail notification, and how to troubleshoot your system yourself.

Learn from expert technicians

The classes are taught by the people who work with clients on our systems daily - DPS Telecom's own tech support team. Our classroom instructors, Johnny Maldonaldo and Chris Hower, are some of the very same people who give expert technical advice over the phone. Both Johnny and Chris have worked alongside our clients, performing hundreds of on-site custom installations. They have the real-world experience to understand the issues our clients face.

Learn new equipment in a no-risk environment

But the participants in the class don't just passively absorb information lecture-style. The class is a real hands-on environment, where the participants have a chance to work with equipment themselves and learn monitoring tips and best practices from other industry professionals.

The participants said the class gave them a chance to familiarize themselves with DPS Telecom equipment in a no-risk environment. A learning experiment that brings down the classroom simulation lab doesn't risk bringing down a multimillion-dollar telecommunications network.

"It's a whole lot easier to play with stuff here," said Mullen. "On the job you can't test theories out as easily."

And the chance to work alongside other professionals in the industry is also valuable. "It's always good to work with people from other companies," said Evans. "You can see people doing something different, and maybe that's what you need to start doing, or vice versa."

Stay up-to-date with new features

Factory training is also a great way to stay ahead of new developments and new features in network monitoring applications. Bryce Pursely said that the training was useful to him even though he is highly familiar with DPS Telecom products. He came to the class to acquaint himself with the newer LAN-based features that have been added to T/MonXM.

"I've had the system for seven or eight years, so it makes my interest in the training a little bit different that everybody else's," said Pursely. "I've had the system since before LAN access. And now we're getting ready to upgrade our system to include LAN access, I wanted to make sure I knew all it took to configure LAN facilities. And so I took away the knowledge of how to configure T/Windows and get those kind of services running."

How you can attend DPS Telecom factory training

The 4 day training class covers everything you need to know about installing, configuring, and using DPS Telecom equipment, including valuable troubleshooting information. We can design a training course built around your needs and schedule. We offer training at our Fresno headquarters several times a year, but we can also send an instructor to conduct on-site training of you and yours staff at your location.

For more information about how you can attend DPS Telecom factory training, call 1-800-693-0351, or send an e-mail to info@dpstele.com . Or you can view a calendar of upcoming Factory Training Events and register online on our Factory Training Page.