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T/Mon SLIM: Alarm Master Solutions List

Monitor Quest and UPS Gear with Micromuse over SNMP using T/Mon SLIM
This solution features multiple T/Mon SLIM's (with CE certification) along with the SNMP Trap Processor and the SNMP Responder.

Monitor ASCII and SNMP Devices with Redundant T/Mon SLIM Masters
The T/Mon NRI Synchronization Software Module will be used to synchronize databasing between the T/Mon system in a redundant HOT standby application.

Monitor AFC Gear over Serial & ASCII with T/Mon SLIM
We have broken this solution into two options. Option 1 features the T/Mon SLIM Master Station, that will...

Monitor Your Lucent 5E and other ASCII Equipment with T/Mon SLIM
The TL1 alarm forwarding module will reside on your current T/Mon NOC and will allow you to forward selected alarms to your Alcatel TSM8000 alarm management system.

Monitor Your Nortel Switches over SNMP (IP) with T/Mon SLIM
Not only will T/Mon be able to monitor your existing NetGuardians, but it will come equipped with our SNMP software module that will allow it to take in MIB files from your Nortel switches.

Monitor ASCII Text Alarms at your Node Sites using T/Mon SLIM
The T/Mon SLIM can be preloaded with the ASCII software module that will parse the ASCII from your DMS10. The Auto data basing ASCII software will allow you to create rules to parse the ASCII output.

T/Mon SLIM Provides Graphical Monitoring With T/Mon GFX
This solution consists of both software and hardware elements. The T/Mon SLIM master station will provide a central aggregation point and alarm notification. The T/Mon SLIM and will provide the best economically feasible means of monitoring your equipment and allows for future expansion of your remote sites...

Receive and Acknowledge Alarms via Pager or Cell Phone with DTMF
This solution features a DTMF On-Call Box for use with the T/Mon NOC master station. It will allow you to acknowledge or silence alarms from the field, using any touch-tone or cell phone.

Monitor Your Nortel Meridian and NetGuardians with a Solarwinds SNMP Manager
This solution features the T/Mon SLIM serving as a Main HUB between the locally deployed NetGuardian G5 units and your Solarwinds SNMP Manager.

DMS Monitoring is automated with ASCII processing from T/Mon
Understanding your concern on finding a solution for monitoring your DMS equipment, under your budget requirements, we have created this solution.

Monitor NEC Remotes, Muxes, and Switches through an FSK Converter with the NetGuardian
This solution will enable you to have a single, reliable central aggregation point that will provide 24-hour alarm notification. Utilizing your existing NEC remotes and specifically the existing FSK backbone, you will be able to replace the current master station with a new and powerful T/Mon SLIM.

Use Your Existing Digital and Analog Microwave Networks to Collect Alarms
Analog to Digital microwave may seem like a daunting task. With replacing of your older equipment (including Larse) with contemporary technology, it will provide a far superior solution than using Legacy RTUs.

Create an SQL Database History of Network Alarms
This solution features the NRI Module that will allow your two T/Mon SLIM's to be in a HOT Standby configuration. In addition, the SQL software module will provide real time exporting of data for use in common applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Collect Element Management System Alarms and Display Them at Your Operations Centres
This application features an alarm panel solution to provide an audio and visual presentation of your major, minor, and critical alarms at your Main Operations Centre and the Remote Operations Centre. The equipment will allow you to collect alarm data from your Element Management Systems as SNMP v2 (v2c) traps over LAN.

Report Alarms to MegaSys SNMP Manager using NetGuardians over RS232 Serial
T/Mon SLIM will be equipped with SNMP Based alarm forwarding software for reporting to your MegaSys MOM over IP.

Forward SNMP Traps To Your SMARTS InCharge Master...
You'll be able to forward alarms to your SMARTS Incharge SNMP Manager.

Monitor DMS 10, Nortel, CAC Access Bank, CAC Wide Bank, and UMC 1000 ASCII Gear
The T/Mon SLIM will come preloaded with SNMP and ASCII software modules, which will serve as a central aggregation point. Your SNMP based equipment, such as the Fujitsu, and your ASCII based equipment, such as the Nortel Switches...

Establish Secure School Campus Access Control using the Building Access System
We have prepared this solution for school districts. The solution features a full Building Access System, featuring the T/Mon SLIM and NetGuardian 832A G4.

Monitor AFC equipment via TL1 with T/Mon NOC
There are two master options for this solution. We have provided a technical overview as well as an application drawing for each Master Station.

Achieve Private Network Monitoring and Reporting With This T/Mon and NetGuardian Configuration...
Our solution provides both Private Network / Site Monitoring and Central Monitoring & Reporting. For first few sites besides the central site (sites 2-5 in this example) will be monitored

Deploy Dual-Redundant and Regional Alarm Masters
This application encompasses small sites, regional masters, and Dual T/Mon Masters located at the head end. Each region would typically have between four to six NetGuardian G5s for monitoring environmental conditions which will report to the regional masters using DCP/UDP.

Alarms From Your Cisco and Foundry Switches Can Be Silenced In The Field...
Overcome your cell phone coverage degradation issues by using this verbal 'call-out' feature. The primary means of reporting alarms will be from the Cisco and Foundry Switches reporting SNMP alarms over IP to T/Mon SLIM.

Badger Master Station Replacement
This Badger master replacement features a T/Mon SLIM Master Station, preloaded with a Badger Interrogator and SNMP Forwarding software to ease right into your current setup. SNMP traps will be forwarded to your Harris NetBoss SNMP manager.

Consolidate Alarms From Your CMS Manager and Nortel Switches...
This application features the T/Mon SLIM Master Station integrated into your network to achieve CMS management. This drawing features all of the necessary software for the T/Mon SLIM to be able to receive alarms from your ASCII-based Nortel Switches...

T/Mon NOC Can Run All Your History Reports - Automatically...
This application of the T/Mon NOC features its ability to act as an automatic reporting tool using SQL.

To acheive reliable CMS management, you need ASCII to SNMP mediation between your alarm master and your CMS SNMP Manager. This application features the T/Mon SLIM, which, with the necessary software modules, will receive the ASCII alarms via your NetGuardian remotes and forward them to the CMS.

Use SNMP To Actively Monitor All Your Microwave Sites....
The T/Mon SLIM allows you to consolidate alarms from multiple remote sites into a single platform then share that alarm information with up to five users simultaneously using its built-in Web Browser interface or T/Windows remote access software. The T/Mon SLIM is a complete network alarm monitoring system in a 1RU package.

Use DTMF Voice Call-Out To Silence Alarms In The Field...
Overcome your cell phone coverage degradation issues by using this DTMF verbal 'call-out' feature. The T/Mon SLIM will act as your central alarm aggregation point and provide a means of directly reporting and databasing your alarms. The primary means of reporting alarms will be...