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New in 2023: The G6 Platform

By Haley Zeigler

January 6, 2023


What network improvement goals do you have for the new year? Better security for your network monitoring? More preventive monitoring of your UPS batteries?

New and improved DPS products are always in the works, and in 2023 you can easily implement our G6 platform to make your network monitoring system better than ever.

How Is G6 Different from Previous Platforms?

  • Modern security capabilities
  • TLS 1.2 encryption of web interface
  • SNMP v3 mediation
  • Modbus processing capability
  • NetGuardian G6 832A can monitor individual batteries in your string(s) for temperature, voltage, and internal resistance

NetGuardian G6 832A

NetGuardian G6 832A
The NetGuardian G6 832A is one of the latest RTUs from DPS. New features include SNMP v3 compatibility, dual NICs, and a TLS v1.2 web interface.

The NetGuardian G6 832A is a powerful, compact LAN-based alarm collector that provides network managers with remote visibility of their IP network elements. This versatile unit is an ideal network monitoring solution for medium and large sites, with:

  • 32 ping alarms
  • 32 discrete alarms
  • 8 analog inputs, and
  • 8 controls

In addition to network and environmental alarms and controls, the NetGuardian also acts as a terminal server for 8 serial ports, giving you a convenient path to legacy devices - or even a backup path to more modern gear. Alarms can be reported via SNMP (v1-v3) or to the T/Mon alarm master.

The integrated LCD screen and speaker (with volume knob) make it easy to check alarms locally. The web interface is fast and secure (TLS v1.2).

The NetGuardian 832A is easy to install. If you already have a NetGuardian at your site, installation of a NetGuardian G6 832A is as easy as transferring the cables from your existing unit to a new G6 RTU.

Benefits of the NetGuardian 832A:

  • Web interface (TLS v1.2) - no master station is required
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c, & v3
  • Optional local SNMP collection of alarms from site devices
  • Optional local Modbus register polling from site devices
  • Expand to 176 discretes/32 control relays with NetGuardian Expansion Units
  • Dual NICs to communicate on two networks without routing between them
  • Dual power feeds with separate A and B fuses for increased reliability
  • 8 RS232 ports and 1 RS485 port for increased terminal server functionality
  • Convenient access panel for adjusting analogs (VDC or 4-20mA) and control relays
  • 2-year hardware warranty
  • 30-Day No-risk money-back guarantee

Optional features:

  • Optional Battery Sensors: Monitor individual batteries in your string(s) for temperature, voltage, and internal resistance.
  • Built-in sensor power supply: Eliminates the need for an additional power supply for your sensors (12V or 24V).
  • Integrated temperature and battery sensors: Eliminates the cost and setup time of installing external sensors.
  • External D-Wire sensors: Allows you to daisy-chain sensors for temperature, air flow, humidity, vibration, and more for hundreds of feet from a single port on the NetGuardian.
  • 4-Port Integrated Switch: Allows you to provide LAN to site devices without the expense or space requirements of a dedicated switch.
  • Dual SFP Fiber Interface: Provides an alternative to LAN transport. Alarms can be reported from environments without Ethernet. Compatible with SFPs between 0.550 km and 180 km.
  • Industrial Temperature Version: Designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures. Perfect for outside-plant use.
  • Real-Time Clock: Keep time during power failures to maintain consistent time stamps.
  • Netguardian 864A: Twice the discrete alarm capacity of the 832A for larger sites. Uses 1 pin per alarm instead of 2.
  • Wireless Connection: An optional external wireless modem gives network connectivity without artificially limiting NetGuardian lifespan when wireless networks are upgraded.
  • Local SNMP/Modbus Management: Collect alarms from any SNMP/Modbus device on your network, typically other site equipment. This data can be aggregated with alarms from any other source before reporting.

HVAC controller G6

HVAC Controller G6 interface
The HVAC Controller G6 is a lead/lag controller that remotely manages HVAC units at remote sites like telecom huts.

The HVAC Controller is a lead-lag controller to manage your remote HVAC units for maximum life.

The convenient front-panel LCD touchscreen allows you to run tests on each unit, configure controls and alarms, and see the status of all HVACs. When not in test mode, the display cycles through several screens with multi-zone temperature readings, lead-lag status, and more.

As it's essentially a telco-grade RTU with specialized HVAC functions, you also gain 12 general-purpose discrete inputs and 12 additional relay outputs (above and beyond 4 RYWG relays per HVAC unit) Add D-Wire sensors to ensure specific "hot zones" receive adequate climate control. Temperature & Air Flow sensors let you assess HVAC performance (bad compressor, clogged filter, etc.) and trend each unit's output over time.


  • Monitor and control up to 6 HVAC units for lead/lag operation (including multi-zone)
  • Cut down on extensive truck rolls while improving site reliability
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Convenient front-panel LCD touchscreen with "comfort button" for site technicians
  • Test mode can be run from front LCD for easy diagnostics
  • Convenient and secure web browser interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Wires are secure inside to protect against damage
  • 4 (RYWG) relay outputs per HVAC unit
  • 12 additional general-purpose relay outputs
  • 12 general-purpose discrete input
  • D-Wire support for (up to) dozens of daisy-chained sensors
  • Proven telco-grade design
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

SNMP v3 Proxy

DIN-mounted SNMP v3 Proxy
The Dual-NIC SNMP Proxy shown above provides network isolation for your legacy SNMPv1/v2c (unencrypted) traffic. The only thing exposed on your main network is encrypted SNMPv3.

Despite the obvious advantages of an open standard, early versions of SNMP (v1 & v2c) were not built with security in mind. This poses a big challenge today if you work at a security-conscious organization, like a utility or government entity, that now requires encrypted SNMPv3 (due to NERC/FERC security requirements).

If you need to upgrade to SNMPv3, you're going to need some amount of new hardware. But you can't afford to replace all of your equipment.

The SNMP v3 Proxy is a single-function device that takes in SNMPv1/v2c traps from many sources and converts those traps to SNMP v3. With the SNMP v3 Proxy, nothing leaves your site unencrypted. This secures your network, while eliminating the cost and inconvenience of purchasing all new SNMP v3-enabled equipment.

The SNMP v3 Proxy:

  1. Accepts inbound SNMPv1/v2c traps from many different source devices (much less purchasing than a complete system swap-out)
  2. Sends SNMP v3 traps to your SNMP manager (messages are secured before forwarding)

The G6 Platform also includes other equipment, including the NetGuardian 864A, NetGuardian 216, Modbus Proxy, and AB6 power distribution unit.

Improve Your Network Monitoring in 2023

What can I build for you? If you can't find a perfect-fit solution for your network, let me know. We're always creating new products to meet specific client needs. Every DPS product exists because someone expressed a need for it!

With the RTU Upgrade Program, you'll get a 30% discount on any RTU upgrade, including the NetGuardian G6 832A or NetGuardian 864 G6. Make sure your monitoring can keep pace with your network's growth in 2023. Upgrading from an older NetGuardian keeps your organization proactive and will get you the latest RTU benefits and capabilities.

Give me a call at (559) 454-1600 or send me a message to talk about the G6 Platform and how I can help you with new projects and upgrades for your business in 2023.

I wish you and your business a happy new year and excellent network reliability for 2023!

Haley Zeigler

Haley Zeigler

Haley is a Technical Marketing Writer at DPS Telecom. She works closely alongside the Sales and Marketing teams, as well as DPS engineers, resulting in a broad understanding of DPS products, clients, and the network monitoring industry.