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A Migration Path for your Outdated Monitoring Gear...

Outdated alarm equipment, performance degradation

  • Your monitoring system is on its last leg
    Your network alarm equipment, whose primary function is to provide insight into the health of your network, is literally on its last leg. Its performance has degraded to the point where it is simply a matter of time before it fails completely.
  • You have no excuse for a vulnerable network
    System crashes, low performance, and incompatibility with contemporary networks translates to a very risky situation for those who are responsible for maintaining the network. The mission critical systems that are being monitored are at risk, and that is unacceptable.

That Makes Sense

  • Incremental migration minimizes transition costs
    Being prepared, having control and making a transition to new technology slowly and over several budget cycles makes the DPS solution your logical choice.
  • You can have total control
    We developed a plan that allows you to have complete control over this transition.

You have outgrown your old monitoring system

  • You're delivering more service than ever before...
    Your company has grown and evolved over the years. The services you provide are faster, better, and more powerful than counterparts from earlier times.
  • ...but your monitoring has not kept up with your rapid growth
    While much emphasis is placed on primary technology, the technology that helps maintain and protect the primary technology often gets neglected. After some period of time you find that you have outgrown your monitoring system in every aspect. The hardware is slow, difficult to maintain, and doesn't have the horse power to support today's software. Typically it's a single screen with minimal notification. Of course, the software that is on these older machines doesn't support the protocols required by your newer elements. Not to mention that the software lacks the functionality found in best of class contemporary systems.

T/Mon brings your monitoring into the 21st century

  • T/Mon will provide a big improvement immediately...
    The T/Mon platform will bring your hardware and software up to contemporary standards. You will gain a new level of network control and accessibility. Your system will be become a multi user, multi protocol, expandable platform. T/Mon is optimized to get real alarm data to the people who need it, without wasting their time.
  • ...and keep getting better with T/Mon software updates
    You will benefit from the T/Mon software advances that evolve with the continuous best practice feedback of multiple industries. With our T/Mon Gold Plan, your software will continue improve and expand with each new release.
Migrate Away from Datalok Remotes Over Time with T/Mon
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Replace Form 4 Equipment with Pulse Interface Modules and T/Mon NOC
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7 Ways to Make Your Legacy Monitoring Easier

Making decisions about your legacy monitoring network can be a tough job," says Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom. "You don't want to lose the investment you still have in legacy gear, but you also can't afford to have poor network visibility. At DPS, we make your job easier with monitoring equipment that integrates seamlessly with legacy. You get the advantages of modern gear without throwing away your existing investment."