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"Convert -48 VDC Power to +12v AND +24v with this new Power Supply..."

If you have remote sites powered by -48 VDC battery plants, you know it's difficult to deploy devices that don't natively support that voltage. Remote sensors, for example, most commonly require +12 VDC or +24 VDC.

Now, with this 1 RU power supply box, you can convert -48 VDC power into 6 ports of +12 VDC and 6 ports of +24 VDC. This is great for sites where you need to power remote sensors, but you don't have an RTU like the NetGuardian 832A G5 that has built-in sensor power (optional).

-48 volts power supply converts to +12 and +24
Back Panel of the 12/24 Power Supply with six +24v outputs and six +12v outputs

But what good is power if it's not reliable? The 12/24 Power Supply has dual-redundant -48 VDC power inputs for extra reliability. Also, each pair of power outputs is separately fused, limiting the number of attached devices that lose power should you blow a fuse. All six output fuses are easily accessible from the front panel.

Front panel of the 12/24 Power Supply
Front panel of the 12/24 Power Supply with Fuses

While you're delivering power to remote site sensors and other equipment, you may also decide that you'd like better network visibility as well. That's where the 12/24 Power Supply becomes versatile with a 16-point RTU option. If you select this model, your Power Supply will come equipped with 16 discrete alarm inputs, 2 analog inputs, and 2 control relays which you can monitor using SNMP.

The maximum total current draw for the 12/24 Power Supply is 5 amps, with a maximum of 1 amp on any pair of outputs.

Even with 12 power outputs (6 at +12v, 6 at +24v) and an optional 16-point RTU, the 12/24 Power Supply requires just 1 RU of physical rack space.

Note: The 12/24 Power Supply is intended for use only with devices that isolate their power inputs from chassis ground or earth ground.

Battery System Monitor (BSM) - Monitor and protect your remote battery strings

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12/24 Power Supply
12/24 Power Supply front panel.

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+12V Option.
+12V and +24V Option.

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